300 amp circuit breaker


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Im about to install aRF T4004 amp for a buddy and all the wire i have is 0ga and a 300amp circuit breaker is that breaker to large to use. COuld it allow my amp to be harmed or will the onbaord fuses pop before that happend? this may not make sense to even be a good question but im wanting to know,

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I was once told to stay away from Circuit breakers because if you have a problem and your circuit breaker pops what are you going to do?You're going to reset it right?Well if your circuit breaker pops you have a problem and my fuses never pop so I don't see the point of a circuit breaker.I was also once told by an installer to open up a circuit breaker and look at the wiring inside,he said they have very thing wires and aren't usually meant to handle such high amperage,now I never actually did investigate and take the time to take one apart but it sort of makes sense.I don't think running a circuit breaker is necessary at all.Back to your original post,I wouldn't allow it more amperage than it is supposed to draw and that's all there is to it for any amp to keep from blowing.

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1/0 can carry 300a and iv used circuit breakers and fuses and didnt notice a diff. but a breaker will still protect the wire. inline stuff like that by the battery doesnt protect your amp the on board fuses to that or if you dnot have inline fuses you have to put one right by the amp
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