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OT: HU wont power on!!!!Mick3
Cleaner sound from 4ohm opposed to 1ohm???Joey DeSalvo7
Old schoollucas beckner10
Wiring 2 amps?Matthew Dreisch1
Acura subs and amp installationjuliob3
Selling MB Quart raa1000 and mtx 4001ricky ross2
Good Deal???Chase Freeman9
Correct Me If Im WrongMick6
How's it look???juliob8
CrossFire amps?juliob8
Amp install into 1990 Pontiac Grand Amjuliob4
Elemental DesignsBrandon5
NINe.1 Benched!lucas beckner20
Memphis amp w/ bad inputMick5
E audio anygood? Fairly cheap..KiLLa10
Cheap JL1000\1 W7's..... Matrix systems?Joey DeSalvo13
Power Inverter Mess-uplucas beckner5
Can i use a pc power to power a car amp?lucas beckner6
Need help on selecting an amp!!!Benny Boy18
4 channel bridgeable amps.Kevin Bosini15
T2000wrms@2ohmsChase Freeman15
Audiobahn A8000V, just a shitty amp?KiLLa21
Just curious....marc7
Soundstream piccasso 2000d whats better for same price/\/\ike16
Ohmage vs sound quality (regarding FI Q/PPI3000/1 combo)juliob15
Will orion d5000 push 2-mtx 9512impala63rag194
Worth it?juliob4
JL 500/1 and 300/4Qcsfinest7
Amps....get exactly wtf you pay for....Renegadesrun31
Can anyone answer my amp questionMick17
Directed 5channel????Trevor Meyers5
Mmats SQ AmpsRobert3
Need wiring diagramDawn Mayberry1
Rockford Fosgate 8 guage kits( 4 brand new)ty mutlow1
NEED NAMESsqlcrazy12
$350 for a 1000 of if possible 1200wRMS AMpAman Singh54
Sound Splinter RL-p 12 for sale !!! / Brand New dual 2 ohm versianMO7
Wanted: 1ohm ampjuliob2
Amp switching to protect and back to ON KiLLa3
OT: Guys, checkout this on eBayBrandon33
Check these amp...tasos1
Mtx 9500juliob11
FS: Ampman RevolutionVince Urmanski15
Cheap 4 channel ampKevin Bosini30
Treo SSX1500.1 problemsJoey DeSalvo25
Car amp and sub in houseJeff Loughrey3
Charging system upgradeChase Freeman15
Amp is on but subwoofer not working??Chase Freeman7
Memphis 16-st 1500Djuliob5
Amp/Sub combo questionJoey DeSalvo4
HELP!!! do i need a capitor, a new battery, or is something wrong w...ryan ryan14
Whats self adhesive mean?Mark D11
Phoenix gold octane series?? mat dope14
Which amp to get for speakersChase Freeman18
Wiring another amp?Chase Freeman11
Thread deletedChase Freeman8
Quality american amp for saleChase Freeman6
Subsonic filter with a sealed box?Brandon25
Ebay JL ampsBrandon2
Kenwood amps for 4 jl 12w7????????????KiLLa11
2 CV vmax 15's, what amp to use?bassman33
Infinity Amp for sale, GOOD DEAL! 600 watts.Logan2
4 GaugeChase Freeman3
2000 watt RMSJoey DeSalvo21
2 JL 13W7 or 2 KICKER Solo-X S12X?????? Brandon15
Can i wire two 4ohm subs into a mono amp at 2ohms?Braden Neptune12
PLEASE!!! help!!! amp helpMike Stokes16
Bridging?John Walsh4
Opinions on this comboTroy Stafford17
Wireing helpJohn Walsh5
Hd3 should i get the 2500d or Kicker ZX1500.1 to power itbassman37
HIFONICS 2006d??juliob5
How big?Cavs9
Size of amp for subsjuliob4
Audiobahn A8000V gutsjuliob13
Which amp?juliob23
Soundstream Picasso AmpTroy Stafford6
Will a Elemental Designs NINe.1 amp push 4 CVR 12s?Troy Stafford11
5 channel ampsMr_Kebo15
Amps to each subChauncey Brown2
Best amp??juliob5
Acrylic amp cover for an xtant x1001 !! guide me to build it?Mick7
$350 for a 1000 of if possible 1200wRMS AMpAman Singh1
Better quality...kicker or ed??Brandon5
Diamond d6michael foland6
Amp stopped working, nothing changed.. Andrew14
Better quality....kicker or ED??papi20
Amp going in protect???mzeeshan15
Somethin wrongTJBaSsMeKaNiK11
Would this work?bassman311
Which amp? please helpJoey DeSalvo17
Subsonic filter with a sealed box?Brandon3
What Type of AMP to get???? HELP????Robert15
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