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HAVOCChad Lee7
Witch will go loudestMuddy Waters2
Need Some Help From Some ProfessionalsMuddy Waters8
Enough power?Michael Anthes4
Wiring in a seriesDino Black7
Bass cutting out Tyler Wayne Fletcher10
Need helpTerrin Dolen7
First sub boxMike17
Box buildinggrant law4
Best SubwooferNVmyBOOM14
Alpine MRV-F545 4ch Amp + SWR-1242D Sub[...Rovin...]7
Slot port vs. round portHalter3
Box designTroy Stafford5
Ported, Bandpass or Sealed?Brandon Majors1
Wiring questionMr. Bojangles2
Re Sx?? is this goodMike Loudon5
Solo-XMuddy Waters17
Best sql sub...Chad Lee38
Anybody want a pocket bike?Logan2
Build my system please!!David19
2 15" Atlases For SaleDustin20
Component Help!!Roland Berthiaume7
10" SQ sub recommendationsJames Longo5
Test page for uploading picsChad Lee3
New system...Chad Lee6
150dbChad Lee25
Sealed or ported for Alpine 12" type R's???Chad Lee4
DDMuddy Waters15
Build me a subwoofer systemmakavelie1871
2000W american legacy amp how good is it?makavelie1877
Blown? scratching sound...Aman Singh9
2 12" cvrsTJ24
Help..Steven Norris2
Authorized RETroy Stafford6
Amp for RF T2 12"Pelon15
Which one of these setup would sound better or louderTiggerBoi876
Aug 16th!!!Jexx4
OT - The Real Terrorist Threat.Mark S16
Is this website legit?TiggerBoi873
Kicker 05CVR12D4 subs (2) of themMick4
Build system.Jimmy1
Amp for eclipse TiIsaac W.23
New Sub?Kyle Obright6
Best SubwooferMuddy Waters2
12"kicker CVR vs. 12" Assasinsmat dope7
Any suggestionsYanks Fan11
HELP quickDustin5
New subs for my xterraDustin10
Just wondering....Muddy Waters9
SSX 15aLeX9
2 subs or 1 subMuddy Waters4
Im insaneMuddy Waters7
Sirius helpkillerzracing714
New BoxTKirk11
Best sub at 400wrmsRoland Berthiaume18
Is this a good HU? Deuce Moore3
MB Quart sub for $ BAD can this thing be?Edster9228
HAvoc for salebaseball118729
Gonna order soonAdam6
Excessive amperagejake papa4
AA 15" Avalanche Ported Box Frequency???baseball11875
Help needed!!!!!Showrides6
Glass resin, Sound deadener, Bed linerPolo7
Is an eggcrate matress pad a soundproofer???Polo7
What happened to my sub?Polo8
Interfire subs any good????blaine westropp7
Wat is this songjuliob36
What Sub and Amp to choose?Da Wa1
How many Db?Chauncey Brown4
Help with a subSteven Norris7
15" Type RSteven Norris6
Havoc or L7Steven Norris9
Ordering off ebaySteven Norris9
My cars deadMr. Bojangles7
Anyone interested in 20 inch rims and tires???lilrob20
Tuning an enclosureChad Lee14
I it any good.....?--------•5
A good amp for a 15" Crystal Comp XPelon15
2 10s 1 18Muddy Waters7
AA Arsenal 15"matt stuczynski18
I'm gonna get.....rob swingleman4
Who can make a SUB BOX for me??CarAudio5
140'sReece Brassler31
Soundsplinter rl-padam3
1500.1 memphis amp ?????????????????Chauncey Brown2
L7 vs comp vxChauncey Brown7
New system helpdalton5
Yea, I've really gone insane THIS TIME!juliob49
Image Shrinking[Kéviñ_Previé]6
SponsorsJoshua Smith6
RE 10 or Arc Audio 8[Kéviñ_Previé]8
Little help?Pelon3
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