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The 300$ system--- worth it? Ryan22
James Longo please read thisTyler15
Anyone buy from
What is the best way to position sub box in a 96 tahoe?B5
RE amp and sub comboAnonymous5
What are the best rap songs to bang on the Re XXX's or the SX's...LiL Jon16
Rockford fosgate rf x7 mono 1200rms 2ohm what sub?Paul Swanston1
Check this box outB4
RE vs. AssassinTyler5
Infinity Perfect Or JL w6dougls j rowland7
Ok Jonathan id 12 not the max would this be safemikechec911
Smart ppl plz read lolmikechec941
What yall think bout this SPL meter?sean23
No way in heIINOL1M1TSOLD1ER9
Rockford Fosgate The Punch Rocker SeriesPimp1
What doesnt kill them only makes them stronger?Anonymous8
RE amp and sub comboAnonymous1
Amps for 1/2 ohm loadsOptidriven7
Will 3 12's L7 fit in My CutlassDaryl Blackston1
Help me decide what to buy!!Tyler10
Building someone a much should i charge him?ryan c.4
AA Assassin 12's are here!Tyler8
Nothing blew my Volfenhags...Mark Highland17
Amp Help?T.J.1
Orion H2 15 Sub?nworB yecnuahC18
Kicker KX2500.1 vs Orion 2500D??B5
Break a wine glass...BassManMIke24
Sub Wiring Questionty mutlow2
How many db's should i hit?ty mutlow16
Hyper Pro subsMike Johnson5
Jbl power seriesryan c.2
Anybody heard a Re 8"??Joseph Lewis1
ID MAX 12 / Sealed or Ported ? / What amp ? / jonathan..Jonathan40
Some recommendations please.RIP Robby 1990- 20062
Question about subwoofer specsucfsaxman4
Subs not workingRESX127
Good deal..or not.'~DAYE£?~'.4
Newbie questionkyle dent3
Quick question bout a batcap 800Trevor Eaton8
Off topic...............Ricky Lussier11
Resonant Engineering Competiton questionsCasey Wood5
What eclosure should u useCasey Wood3
Jl 13w7'sblaine westropp10
Lil' Jon blew both of my L7'skumanan31
Small crack in dustcap?Tyler4
Where i should put my subsonic filter sean9
Need to find out how to wire two 2 ohm dvc subwoofers and one 4ohm ...Bryn Mountford2
What are some decent mid bass speakers?Joseph Lewis2
Eclipse Titanium 15 owners only !MO19
Need good subwoofers that will fit in 91 ford regular cab pickupJustin, m serhan1
Plz help me! sub box for re sx[Kéviñ_Previé]25
Power acoustik fubar any goodmatt rogers10
Alpine New Vrs OLDkyle dent22
The best 12'inch subs for $150 James Longo29
Size Speaker wireJoshua Ghiata7
Get ThisnworB yecnuahC8
2 1206T Audiobahn subs...Chad Lee2
Can i wire two Type R's Separately?Jono11888
I've got 4 12" Type R Dual Voice Coil SubsCasey Wood3
Ported and sealedChad Lee14
How's this for a dedicated car audio shop.'~DAYE£?~'.3
Hero's Truck .........Anonymous24
Amp helpjemone m. james3
ChauncynworB yecnuahC3
This all i need?Mark S3
Yes or nothe great6
Does Eclipse TI make low bass?Pelon9
Amp for subsStralth19797
2003 Subaru BajaAlex Walton1
Beginning systemRESX122
Brahmas Availablemikechec95
Question with bass boostTyler3
AA Arsenals...|\/|aTT |F12
Choosing a 10" subTyler3
Best subs for my ampBo Ellis1
Question on diamond audio subsVincent4
Cheap equipmentTyler18
2 Team RF 12's on eBayMark S6
2 Type X or Type R?Mark S9
Please help me out...ty mutlow6
New kicker products?jake papa6
This thread is 4 people who heard or owned a w7 and the xxx(you had...Jonathan5
New Alpinejake papa5
45$ SUB is it worth it? alpine type rCasey Wood9
Box help: real quick questionWahl6
Off topic: lyrics fror the song Hooty Hoo by Master Pkyle dent6
1st thing that comes 2 ur mind when u hear a w7kyle dent10
Alpine SWR-1222 Vs JL 12W3v2ucfsaxman9
What would you doucfsaxman7
15" Brahma?alteraudiousa2
Help Please 15"CVR vs 2 12" Type R'sChauncey Brown7
Truck boxes?luke ellers3
I just bought 2 15" Re XXX now i need a amp!Trey Kirby2
Help with box in a truck!!jemone m. james5
Intresting website i thought id share sean1
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