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I am so f%#@ing fed up with wasting my god d@mn money on car audio only to be pleased for a couple weeks and then led right back to the path of dissapointment! Please help me out! i want the re 12.1 amp i believe it is, with two re 15" XXX's. Any idea how much this will cost? should i run 2 12.1 amps? i have a 160 amp alt., will this be enough power? if not could i pull it off with just a bigger battery? im not made of money but i think it will be worth it in the end. im begging, please help me out

also when do the new xxx's come out, and do tou think re would give me a little discount for spending so much with them?

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ull need 2 amps for two XXX's

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"also when do the new xxx's come out?"

MX 12 $450 should be released same time as XXX
XXX 12 $600 should be released in a couple weeks
XXX 15 $650 should be released by mid march

What about the amps? how much are they and are thay better than zapco?
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