Building someone a much should i charge him?


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ok...there is a guy in town that heard my Sx15 and decided he wanted something that was louder than my system. he just sold he 2 12" CVR's and memphis 1000d, so he is going to get me to order him everything he needs for a crazy @ss system.

he has an ext cab ford ranger and i am going to use the whole ext cab part of it. he wants either 4 L5 10's or 2 L5/L7 15's. i told him that his best bet out of those choices would be the 2 L7 15's. here is what i have so far for his system.

orion 2500d (or hifonics 2005d if he gets to L5's)
2 15" L7's (or 4 10" L5's)
9 cuft box tune to ~32hz (115 sq inches of port)
knukoncepts RCAs
optima d31 yellow top (and he is gonna get his alt rewound)

he is willing to spend $1500, i told he i know that i can get it all, build the box, and install it for less.

how much to yall think i should charge him for everything?

ps...he wants kicker, so RE SX's are a no go.

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Since he wants spl and kickers are not known for sq i would tune the box a little higher. Also does he have a HO alt??

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Charge him the total cost of buying everything plus something like 5% - 10% for getting it all for him. Hey, it's still gonna be less than buying it from some shop, and you did put the effort into getting it all. (I'm assuming your getting stuff cheaper off the net.)

Then maybe a hundred or two to install it?? I'm not too familiar with installation prices as I've always done everything myself.

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Kicker 15" L7 $329x2 = 658$ shipped

Ebay - Buy it Now for 169$ a piece (w/o shipping) mZ5857566736QQcategoryZ58035QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

Orion 2500d = 679$ shipped

Ebay - $449 Buy it now (w/o shipping) emZ5857057941QQcategoryZ18797QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

If you go the ebay route youll save quite a bit of money =) which can very well go right into your pocket (unless this guys a close friend or something) but i would just see how much every totals up to be. wiring will be another 40$ or so, + MDF + labor for the box. Either way you see it he's gettin a hell of a deal compared to having an audio shop do everything. let us know what ya do. btw are you getting him new components? gonna need something to keep up with all that bass lol
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