Infinity Perfect Or JL w6


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Username: Messiah88

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would you guys think 1-2 infinity perfect 12 inch subs or 1 w6v2 10 inch sub would hit harder or better. Both in sealed.

500/1 amp on them

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I like 2 subs better than 1, if it was 1 perfect vs. 1 w6 the w6 would kill it in sq and spl, but vs. 2 perfects, i would go perfects. Also 2 12's more than likely will be louder than 1 10"

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Username: Messiah88

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well I have a w6v2 and I just got it. I have it hooked up into a sealed box thats a little smaller than specs and it hits clean but not hard at all.

If I go ported will it hit significanlty harder.

and also I was driving today just started up my truck and about 5 min later when I turned it up I heard kinda a knocking sound comming from the sub. Is this normal or is there something that I'm doing wrong

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Username: Messiah88

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oh and how long does it take to break in a JL??

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Username: Tjmutlow

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the w6 in a ported box...

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Username: Grat81

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I used a pair of perfect 12"'s for years and they both sounded great and pounded pretty frickin hard in both sealed and ported enclosures. Highly recommended over a single 10" of nearly any calliber.


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Username: Miriamrowland

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it took me two weeks to break in my two W7's
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