Does Eclipse TI make low bass?


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ive heard that the TI hits low but how can it if its made for a SMALL sealed enclosure?

Does it still make low bass in a small enclosure?

Dont you need a large sealed enclosure to get lower bass?

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can anyone answer my question? jonathan?

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go with a ported box tuned low like around 28 hz or 30 hz. Those subs sound amazing in ported boxes. I can design you one for $10.

Aol name Sploosh56


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If you want "low" bass you probably want a ported box, like Wahl said, with a low tuning. Also, subs with lower Fs' and I think the bigger diameter subs also help.

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ported doesnt go as low as sealed. you guys should know that.

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I thought the sealed would play lower and the ported will only go as low as its tuned to
and the sealed would sound better doing it?

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sure it does just depends where u tune it to.. you could tune it to 25 hz and hit the low 20's but why anything below 20 is inaudable so whats the point.. and i dont know many songs that have base in the low 20's.. but you are right it would be pretty hard to tune a box to like 10 hz lol while u could do it in a sealed box

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Sealed has a better low end range.

Ported will have a steep drop at the tuned frequency. And you should always tune the box a little higher than the sub's Fs. And you should always set the subsonic filter around the tuned frequency to prevent damaging the sub.

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Username: Pelona

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now can anyone answer my question?

is the Ti able to hit low in a small sealed box like a normal sub is supposed to hit low in a larger sealed box?

or is the TI unable to hit the low notes due to its small sealed box?
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