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Narrowed down the choices, IDQ or Diamond?Bob Falfa1
Hey Hunter!Hunter Warren6
What would be better for SPL competition? please help me out real q...Hunter Warren20
DB FOR ONE NEW S15 L7marshall white5
Should i save up for a zapco 750 over a JL500/1 for an AVA?Trevor Eaton4
What iv always wanted to dosomethingredicolousi7
Hey Glass now that your on here?James Longo11
Infinity, good/badDat dude11
Fosgate ampdb-bass14
Kicker CVR12 or Alpine SWR12taylor174
Ported boxDoug1
Nothing to do with car audio and u might not care but...Isaac16
This vs that vs this vs that vs thismarshall white5
Atlas 15" spl or sq?db-bass6
Need Help Deciding which is blown?`freedom4
Need a good SQ/SQL sub!!weezie124
Amp for kickersSubfanatic2
Whats some other good/easy message forums?taylor175
Audiobahn AW1251SE sub ?CB3
Narrowed down the choices, IDQ or Diamond?Bob Falfa1
Is this true about sub boxesFishy5
Mtx Sledge Hammer 12''Subfanatic8
Can someone find me an alpine cda-9835?joseph coulson11
Noise TicketsDavid Jetton30
OZ AUDIO sub review!Jonathan2
Devin, this is Shawn.. ur queer!SLM891
Decisions Decisions...basslova8
Infinity 120W 12" Car Subwoofer??basslova5
Best subs for the moneyDDave8
2 subs for $550DC8
This made me mad...Brandon13
Fiberglass mat and resin...subJonathan6
EDead code thingy...D P W1
13.5 w6v2 (2) better then the 12" w6v2?Tay Brimley9
Why hate on kicker taylor175
Pimping my rideGlassathan2
Attention Atlas Owners!!sean5
2 12" Atlas or 1 AvalancheJames Longo6
Is this bad for subs??taylor173
American bass VFL 15Wahl2
Amp overheatingMr_Kebo4
Audiobahn AW1251SE sub?CB1
How should i hook this up..AlpineThumping4
Dont even want to say the title...Roger O2
WHAT amp (price) for 2 kicker l7s (15")AlpineThumping2
ARE kicker l7 15s good in 4.5 cubic foot ported boxJames Longo2
How to tell a differenceJeff Loughrey4
Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1DVQ for $200?Dan Goodavish1
Possible to hook up car sub in home??.mixneffect23
Installing plexiglass windows...zacdavis~4
Qts for 15" Atlas?db-bass2
Is it true!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????GlassWolf19
Brand New in Box JL 500/1 for sale right now!!MO35
Vented or sealed ?Fishy4
(2) 10" Alpine SWR-1042D or (2) 10" Diamond Audio CM310D4...Robert1
Comp CVR's(2005 model) good for budget?david hizzle15
2003 Ford Explorer helpMike Ucci13
I NEED AN AMPSubfanatic8
Orion H2 VS RE x.x.x. with a hifonics bx1800d powering it?Subfanatic6
10'' eclipse mounting size?Subfanatic6
Trying to achieve a carrying vibrationSubfanatic11
Subfantic hows that box for the eclipse coming along?Subfanatic2
Improve my SQ/SPL?Kit5
Good 10?Subfanatic11
What size amp? HELP!Subfanatic8
Aura ?? Any good or notSubfanatic2
A general 10'' sub ?Subfanatic4
Somthing happenedSubfanatic7
Need HO alternator!!lt5
Are these good subs?AlpineThumping3
Treo TSI 10'smatt5
Speaker wattage vs. sub wattage???Aaron Hobbs5
Not to do with subs but plz helpAnonymous1
Make bass more "feelable"mixneffect17
Jonathan or anyone that is into Competitions - LOOK!!!MO6
How loud are the Atlas 12"sRay Paek9
Are the Avanlanche and atlas subs near jl audio and other high end ...disturb3d_pri3st14
Vented or sealed ?word3
So ive made my mind up about muy subs but.....James Longo16
Where can I find fake wood for my enclosure?david hizzle3
Sub wiringlucas beckner2
Sub wiringMaurice Ouellette1
I need specs for mtx 3000 12 subsdeon g3
Back with another ?basslova13
Yet another vs threadAnonymous5
Dimensions for Atlas 15 sealed?sean5
Kicker l7s hit hard or not (15")benfolds9ine5
Sony is the best!Anonymous18
I want a subLoc_out10
What size sub is best for SQ?Jonathan8
Smoke from subJake Davis8
Friend- 250$ to spend on systemsean6
Is 2 same subs 2x loud as 1?basslova3
Dual 2ohm?????????AlpineThumping8
Anyone who knows anything about Rockford Fosgate. Especially (Taylo...taylor1715
2 10" Diamond Audio Subwoofers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Robert23
Wiring questionNick Price9
In an explorer what hits harder ... kiklir6
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