Smoke from sub


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yesturday i got into my car and my amp wasnt working. it turned out that i didnt have a good ground but once i fixed it my subs made a weird noise and it started to smell like smoke. what is wrong?

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you burned up a voice ciol

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Yep, fried. Try pushing on the cone with your fingers. If it's hard to push at first, like you gotta break it loose, or if it's really scratchy and ruff sounding, then she's done. Sorry man.

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damn man, sorry. Take the wires from your sub and hook to a 12 volt battery, like a portable drill battery, and if it makes funny popping noises then its blown, if it stays pushed out then your good. But i think you definetly blew em. ::pats shoulders:: sorry.
Note*- if it pushes inward, then that means you connected the wires the opposite way, just swithch the wires around and it should try and pop out. its not enough power to hurt your subs. I do it to mine all the time just to make sure there ok......and show other people.....easily amused anyone?

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hey what if your sub blew out smoke but it is still working perfect and hasnt dont it since you turned all your stuff down some.. what would have made mine do that? and it still hits harder than ever it just smoked one time. like my whole car filled full of blue smoke, oh and i pushed in my cone and it is loose and doesnt scratch.. all i know is it confused the heil out of me.

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you were cookin the coils disturbed lol

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yeh for real you're lucky Disturbed. You were frying your coils.

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Yea unless you ordered some type of special effects subwoofer. Has added blue smoke for effect :-)
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