This made me mad...


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Ok, so i picked up my subs, amp and box today (ordered from furure shop)and i noticed there was cracks and chipped paint around the screw holes on the amp. I later saw that there were arc marks on the terminals of the amp! Did those bastards send me a used amp? or do they test their products and wreck em up a little before they send them to you?

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Im gonna phone them tomorrow and tell them to replace it or ill sue them for $100 000 000.00


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Dude that sucks...

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I drove to S'toon and returned it for a new one. They were pretty cool about it. It was a 6 hr drive but it cost the same for shipping so i thought wtf, i'll go to stoon for the day! So i got it, hooked it up and now they pound frickin awesome but im wondering if i should wire them different.. I have the subs wired in parallel and the amp bridged. Should i wire it different?

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While i was there i went to an audio thing at sask place and there was a hummer in there with 7 monitors, one in the dash, a fold down one on the roof, one of the back of each seat (4) and one where the spare tire goes so ppl behind you can watch tv too. lmao, this has got to be one of those "haha, i have more money than you" things.

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more like, lets see how much usless crap I can do to my lame ride.

Hummers are lame. H2 and H3 are worse.
what was he picking up? PBS on those LCDs? thats so worth it.
Dvds are for kids who wont shut up about how much they cant live without barney, and under that age.
And if the driver is watching the dvd ill fake side swipe, whomever will flintch and it will be funny.

As you can tell I hate hummers, and the drivers.

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I do like the 5:1 torsen differentials they use in the original Hummers.

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I like everything they did in the OG H1's, the H2 is nothing but a oversized box on a tahoe frame, not like the v-frame in the OG H1's man that think is sweet not to mention the fact that in the H2 they claim it is meant for 4-wheeling but you have no idea how many rich shmoe's I see on the trail trying to jack up their brand new h2's cause they tred to flex out the tires and snapped their puny little tie rods right off cause they are too weak to hold up the 27in tire, they are over priced tahoe's and thats all!

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preach on

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The whole Hummer line is junk, they have alot of breakdown problems especially the H1.

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Personally, I don't like any of them... h1 h2, and so on.:-)
I love off-roading, but I wouldn't get one of them!

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the H1 is a all out beast, then chevy took over and screwed it all up! I meant 37in tire up a few posts not 27in tire lol!

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i say the hummer h2 is a status symbol, just like putting tvs where only the people behind you can see them. theres no point to thoes tvs other then to show off the money you have to waste. just like theres no point to getting a hummer h2. ugly car, bad reliability,bad mpg...ect...and can't even compare to the origional hummer in what its suppose to be designed to do.
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