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2 12" JL W6v2's with a MTX 1501d amp??????David Brunner3
Wire 2 Amps to 2 subs?Seth1
Can i do thisRick Herrera5
4 channel amp JL Audio vs ZapcoMO3
Connectin 6x9 Speakers to my ampTWiZTiD3
Power acoustic???TWiZTiD2
Check this Company outTWiZTiD2
3 JL Audio 15W6 DVCUji Battle5
Alpine MRD-M501Rob Fox2
Distribution blocks?Donald Byrum jr4
????????????Donald Byrum jr3
Like earthquakemattie1
JL RBC-1 Remote bass control help?Brad1
AMP for my mids and highsDavid Brunner2
? Of what amp to getSubfanatic2
Atlas ampDavid Brunner8
Rf1000 and Rf1001 bd interchangable?loudbass6
Soundstream amp with avalanch?David Brunner2
8 ohms to 4 ohmsDavid Brunner3
Please help...Isaac2
Fuse sizeIsaac2
Amp decision helpIsaac3
1500 watt Boss Riot AmpIsaac7
Help with amp or subs.Chris4
Bandpass boxBrandon5
What do you guys think of the ednine.1 amp?Chung Nguyen6
Bridging a JensenIsaac4
Power acoustik??? lolSubfanatic2
Bass comp. ??Mark S1
Amp watt= Sub watt or???db-bass5
Amp for my 2 15" compVR'sxtant10013
Need to find a brand new Rf1001Bd amp.sean g3
Little help?taylor175
No remote power wire from head unitJames Buchanan7
Amp and sub troubleIsaac4
RF1000 amp WTF!!!!sean g13
4ga or 8ga for 250w rms ampIsaac2
Glasswolf HelpGlassWolf6
Do all qualizers act as amps as well? or just some?GlassWolf2
What do i use for a remote wireEric Sony11
Would I need a CapacitorScott Beckerle5
Good or Bad deal??Isaac4
Is Hifonics BX Mono amps any good????Isaac3
SuggestionsDavid Brunner2
BoxesDavid Brunner2
Ideas pleaseDavid Brunner3
Brutus Or Ed Nine?Jeepo3
Amp blown or wtf?Anonymous3
Installing a sub amp and capAnonymous4
Amp wiring questionsdavid22
Don't know what to power my Cerwin Vega Sub with...b1
Amp for 2 BrahmasAnonymous1
Guys need your helppeter stockbauer9
A quetion about ohmsGlassWolf6
Red protection light on an orion cobalt 200.4 amp???Bradley Suter3
Amp hookup?Bradley Suter2
Battery..Eric Sony7
Yo is this a good amp???Eric Sony4
Amp selectionnduetime1
Amp works until I pull key from ignitionFishy18
JL Audio 300/4joseph coulson3
Can you do thisDavid Brunner6
Car amp...HELP PLEASEDavid Brunner8
Calling all amp experts!David Brunner3
Who good is JBL 1200.1?David Brunner2
Brand new JBL gto 75.4 amp cutting out very brieflyPhil Judd1
Orion 1200dInvictuz8
!!!HELP PLZZ!!! 800rms amp!James Longo8
Boat amp & speaker helpFishy2
ALPHASONik amp questionFishy5
What amp would be better?Fishy10
A sad sad story Eric Sony10
Hi input problems on 2000 Grand PrixTerryNixon1
Amp Wiring PLZ help..Rod3
How who good is JBL 1200.1?GlassWolf8
105amp alternator how much...?????taylor172
15 x.x.x Amp. HeLp PleAse :-/. (Glass)GlassWolf5
Hi taylor17 taylor173
Amp installation prob..HELP!mike johnson4
Still need Koiiler amp reviewmixneffect2
Selling 2 very rare high end amplifiers - Zapco and PPIJames Longo23
What kind of ampMike Hawk7
Amp/Sub Comboxtant100111
Need help finding the right amp for my kicker subsxtant10015
1ohm stablextant10017
Phoenix gold or kicker??xtant100113
Difference between Kicker kx 2002 and 2003 models?SBK2
Hey Glass?Joe Smoe15
Zapco 500m mono amp - need a subwoofer to match it..MO31
Hooking up Multiple AMpsBrandon5
WTF? someone help me pleaseLil Chris6
2 Alpine Type X which amp????Josh6
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