A sad sad story


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well last night was the worst night ever. what every one fears has happened to me. some one broke into my truck and stole my 2 amps and my 6x9's. i dont think that i will be seeing them ever again. they couldnt get my box and sub out cuz its so damn heavy but without my amps i have nothing. has any one had any thing stolen and got it back? i was just wondering what the chances were. The police got blood from my seat. i guess that they cut themselves while they broke my damn window. i hope that the low lifes get caught.

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call gill grissom:-) I am just kidding I hope they catch the ba$tards


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Usuually somewhere they will mention that the site is not legit, but hitman appears to be real LOL, i hope its not i wouldnt want someone signing on to the net and having me killed.

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There are 3 kinds of criminals I dispise, rapist, child mole$ters, and car thieves. Those low lifes should be hung by their toes till the cows come home.

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I remember when the Toyota Camry was the #1 stolen car in America. Now it's certain year model Honda Accord I think. Me personally, if I were to attempt to steal a car and risk prison time, I'd personally want to steal something with more cajones, like, you know, a sports car, or any car of high value.

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I've thought that before too. Why rip off some Civic or something, when you could look a little harder and find something special?

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I understand that most car thieves aren't stealing for themselves, but I wonder about the client. Paying for an illegal car, and you choose a Camry? I guess they figure that choosing a car that there are millions of will allow them to drive stealthily.

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There would always be car thieves around even if the thecknology gets better thieves still figure out a way to steal your car. I remember when a thief tried to steal my car I caught him in the act Cause my fiance heard a window break I came out with my tech-9 had him at gun point, lol he tried to give me 50 dollars to let him go and i would never see him again. he pleaded and begged so much that it looked like he wanted to cry. Called the cops took him away never seen him since nor has anybody tried to break in my car i guess he spread the word that i had a gun and i will shoot them. some how he figured out a way to cut the alarm . he wouldnt of been able to take it cause it had a kill switch. I really did feel like shooting him cause i love my Chevy monte carlo it woul of all been stripped and i would of never seen it again. So all the car thieves out there find out what kund of person youre messing with before you get shot.

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Hahahahahahahahaha someone once was trying to break into my car, and i shot them with a paintball gun and chased them down in there car and painted up there car. lets just say it was easy to spot whose car it was. Well i think it helped i knew who it was. But, people steal cars like camarys and stuff because they can be easily stripped down and sold for parts with almost an impossible way to track them. Sports cars and expensive cars have id tags on alot of the peices so they can be tracked. but i heard all the new cars from everyone are made like this now.
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