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W6v2 vs w7Anonymous1
Upgrade my 12W6v2 to 10W7/12W7 ??? !!!!!!!!!!! HELP ...ROVER MAN1
I need an honest opinion loldonny keen1
TREO 12" SUBWOOFER Nick Price1
Alpine F#1 series IS THIS A GOOD SYSTEMrichyboy1
Up grade JL 12W6v2 to 10W7? NEED HELP!!!Farooq Waraich1
Kicker 18'' SoloX enclosuresJeff Loughrey2
Sub is PoppingFarooq Waraich15
Sub boxes, anyone else heard of this?Jeff Loughrey6
Snail shellbasslova7
Amp for single 12" type rRoberto Herrera35
Fine, lowered prices lolSubfanatic12
Online Subwoofers StoresSubfanatic7
Guess what i found at Mardi Gras Nats....johnny lemoine6
RE SX!!!!johnny lemoine13
6 12w6 in caddyFishy52
Adding new amp with a factory amp already in it...Roberto Herrera7
Amp mounting suggestionsDavid Brunner2
Enclosure build question..DR MAX5
Any1 know of a site that can help me install a dvd HU? or can u help?DR MAX2
Planet Audio?David Brunner9
Visonike V123BP subs and Audiobahn A800t amp???Jeff Loughrey5
Effects of sub magnets on speaker wire...Jonathan4
Hard hitting bass, PLEASE!!!!craig s weber II3
2 10w7's and a 1000/1 in a sloted boxMO17
Alpine Type Xdonny keen3
ID MAX vs. JL W6Jonathan13
LOL read this...Brandon7
Why do people talk s*#t about the kicker solobarics?Chief42
3 12w3v2taylor1710
Re MT...sorry guysSubfanatic22
MO ....lolTrevor Eaton2
Anybody know anything???Anonymous4
Good price for two used kicker S10L7s?taylor1710
Need help with Strokermohd izham1
RE X.x.X full excursion questionJames Longo17
AmpsJames Longo11
Audiobahn ALUM12Q?zacdavis~8
MA audio ampJeff Loughrey5
43 hrzJake Davis22
How loaud is 1 Avalanche? James Longo4
Battery and Alt.Subfanatic13
12" sony xplods 1200 wattsbasslova2
RE SX < X.X.X.Anonymous6
New dodgeRAM 02 and upsean2
KenwoodHunter Warren22
$$$most SPL for the buck$$$Hunter Warren13
Best subs in 96 eclipsebasslova2
When do you normally turn your subs upbasslova17
RE X.X.X or RE MTbasslova2
The reaudio MTbasslova13
Rob FoxEric Sony25
King vs. Emperor BaByBrOcK8
Building my first box J.W.3
What amps to get?Jeff Loughrey26
I need your opinionSubfanatic6
Rockford Stage 2Subfanatic13
Please Help With a Fresh New Set-updonny keen2
Putting a window in a boxdonny keen4
Best JL subwoofer for good SQ and Great SPL???James Longo9
Diamond audio tdx Audionoob131
Why do peole talk sh1t about Audiobahn Immortal serisThatGuyYouKnow9
Thee Baddest production Sub Subfanatic13
18" soloX vs pioneer premire 5000splSubfanatic7
Rockford TRF2212?Subfanatic7
Anyone with Infinity Kappa 10" I need HELP!!! Anonymous4
RE Audio or ADIREAnonymous13
Is this a decent amp for the money?? please help me out James Longo3
What can i getjohnny lemoine11
Obcon, or Q-Logic prefab boxes?erik8
Ducktape sound deadener?Fishy7
Soundsplinter or RE?????Rob Fox8
Jus curious....any1 know what rims are in johnson family vacation?Trevor Eaton3
15" Avalanche - 15" EclipseTiSubfanatic12
PENTAGON subs???dez gipp14
Poll... SPL vs SQColin30
Why do peole talk sh1t about Audiobahn Immortal serisSubfanatic9
God damn subfanatic...and some other stuffSubfanatic10
B - A - S - S *Songs*Subfanatic12
Subfanatic...no1 else needs to read lol nless ur really bored i guessSubfanatic9
Eclipse T.I. vs. AvalancheJimmy ... Sweden49
Brown bread vs. dynamat?J.W.33
Is it really that LOUD???joe15
RE Audio... The best company in the world!! James Longo4
Brown bread vs. dynamat?Subfanatic19
Pressurized SPL Question<- Glasswolf/Jon? Subfanatic2
I had alot of prolems with the alpine type-X subs!!Subfanatic16
Need help troubleshooting system problemsSubfanatic8
DB drag compSubfanatic26
Jeremy MizeSubfanatic2
12w6v2 or 12 inche l7?Subfanatic6
Darren T Wojtowicz Darren T Wojtowicz2
JL alternative??????????taylor1711
Box questionHunter Warren2
RE Prototype Subwoofer Comparison to X.x.X (picture)Hunter Warren43
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