Effects of sub magnets on speaker wire...


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I was thinking about how I'm going to wire my sub a minute ago and I had a flashback to physics class. I remember that a changing magnetic field creates current... now if we have a DVC sub we have to inevitably run a short piece of speaker wire from one side terminal to the other (two when wiring in parallel), and it gets fairly close to that big ol' magnet. Does this cause any problems?

Oh, one other side question. All the wiring diagrams I have ever seen for wiring a DVC in parallel shows the two wires connecting the coils on opposite sides... is this a requirement or can both be run down the same side without a problem?

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no there wont be a problem at all letting your wires hit your magnet.
second. when you wire you wire pos to pos on sub, neg to neg on sub, then choose one side (a single set of pos's and neg's on a side) doesnt matter what side and then run those from pos to pos on amp then neg to neg on amp

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I know how to wire a DVC. I was just wondering if you can run both wires connecting the coils down the same side of the woofer... like this
instead of like this

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The voice coil is the changing magnetic field in a speaker, not the magnet on the back. The rear magnet is a permanent magnet and is stationary, it will have no effect and induce no current into the wire. The only inductance that occurs within a speaker wire is when the signal itself changes.
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