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2 channel amp to one speaker?????????sublime4204
I need a $200-250 amp for the new 2005 Alpine type RAnonymous1
Wolf i need help again please nelson1
SuggestionsDave Knight5
Soundstorm F260.5 AmpHenry Padilla5
Which AmpTWiZTiD5
How does this sound????TWiZTiD7
One for FryGuy perhaps? How can I power a computer fan from an ATX...Varney1
Blown fuse helplee bolwerk2
Help find the right wattage amp plz helpandrew fish3
Orion HCCA Owners/Installation manualsHunter Warren2
Call me old FashionJonathan8
I have the jl 500/1, whats the perfect match?MO6
Missing the final componentJames Longo2
Dual ohmtaylor172
Need help with ?TWiZTiD2
How many wattsbasslova3
Need help wiring an Alpine sub/ampLondon Mike8
What amp do i use? 2 Xsite 12" 800w RMSChristopher C Vermes3
Mono amp taylor172
Glasswolf, what amp for Dynaudio speakers?Doug W3
What would be the best sub(s)taylor172
Help pleasejames johnson5
Need info on my systemJames Longo4
I need an ampJames Longo4
Question Alpine MRD-M1001 ??Mark S3
Need help guysSolid Snake2
2 subs/2 amps.. wht NOW?Hunter Warren2
Xtant 1001d blowing fuses philip anstey3
I need 2000w at 1ohm...what should i get???James Longo22
Wolf I need your Help on my amplifiernelson7
A little helpDa-Ron Gilbert3
Amp has to be gitting close to overheating!taylor1717
Feedback through speakerstafkam1
I need a 1000w amp<<<styn.16
Niche Audio products: Is it good?xxmdfmkxx2
Need Amp Help!?!Pascal Ferland3
Mono amp-2 subsKevin Ford4
Has anyone ever used this brandHenry Padilla2
Tuning my ampSean Hague4
One more questionsublime4201
Low pass filter?sublime4203
Pops from the amplifier ???FC3
Bridging Modul for HCCA 225Hunter Warren3
Does anyone know how these arelee bolwerk1
How much power am i getting?FC3
Zapco vs. jlMO21
Just Got Orion HCCA!!TWiZTiD1
Which Power am i getting? 200x2 or 400x2 ???MO3
Best matching amp for the new Alpine Type R??Mark S3
Need an AMPtaylor173
Fuse keeps blowing on amplee bolwerk3
Tune FrequencyA.C.11
Can an mtx thunder502 power two alpine type R 10s??rick w.5
Amp that does 187x4 good enough for pair of Boston z6's and pair of...Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Amp that does 187x4 @ 3ohms good enough for pair of Boston z6's and...Denver Salisbury Mcd1
Buzzing SoundFarhan Chaudhary10
Type RF ampsJuan De Rosa15
Do power acoustik caps suck ?basslova10
Ground wire, where to connect?donald tudyk7
Difference Orion HCCA 225Zach Christoph1
Blowing an Amp?gambit22222222983
Amplifier wiring questionKJS10
Help pleaseHunter Warren8
Kenwood question/ funny videoAnonymous1
Suqential bridgingAnonymous2
Pops from the amplifierFarhan Chaudhary1
Is one MTX thunder 801D to much for a Shiva?Hunter Warren3
Orion amp loading questionJames Longo12
What would you recommenderik9
What ampIsaac2
New to ohm's and watts powerKrijgy3
I could use some help, PLEASEJames Longo2
Bass s/qJonathan2
Memphis Amp, Protection Mode, PLS ADVISEVinh P3
What do you think of this sub and amp combo?taylor174
Amp for Eclipse SW7124DVC-T4Alan Girard1
Kicker KX600.1 vs. Rockford Fosgate Punch P6001bd??James Longo13
Most efficient clean powering amp for pair of z6's under 400$??James Longo3
Help with POWERtaylor175
Kenwood and Pioneer Amps?? please help Anonymous1
What kind of amp do you recommend??jake powler1
How do you guys think this will sound?James Longo25
Amp and power questionPaul11
2005 chevy camaro or is it?Jonathan14
What kind of amp should i getjake powler14
Need amp help!?!Jerry Milling1
Two Kicker L7 12's Help !?!? James Longo4
PCX-2125 Questionsadam pitkoff1
Amp won't turn onJames Longo2
Whats so bad about the Audiobahn A8000TIsaac6
Matching sub for Phoenix Gold Xenon X400.1 ?Anonymous3
Amp Help!!!!!!!lucas beckner2
Question about ohms?David Shayani15
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