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Why is it that every f****n amp i look at is rated at 14.4v
I dont care
how do i run 14.4 not 12volts

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I was under the impression that vehicle electrical systems were normally 14.4v?

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Most are.
Check out Jl audio, they put out the same amount of power at 11.5 V all the way to 14.5 V. They also push the same power from 1.5 ohm's, to 4 ohm's.
That's pretty cool I think.

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do any of you know any other good companies that rate their amps power at 12v. Reason being is that i plan on running 3 15" RE MT's with 2500 -3000watt rms of clean power to each woofer, And with that much power flowing threw my vehicle, i think it'll be pretty hard to keep my electrical system at 14.4 volts all the time without atleast spending another thousands dollars to upgrade to about 3 300 amp alt's and not to mention the batteries. SO any amps that put out alot of clean power that's rated at 12 volts would be helpful.

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check out us amps i think they rate their amps at 12v.

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Lot of companies use 14.4v rating to overrate their amps. Sony/Pyramid/Boss/Lanzar/Pyle and many others all use 14.4v. What that does is make the power numbers look inflated. Most cars voltage with engine on is around 13.5v. If possible, stay away from any manufacturer that only states 14.4v rating.
If you want 12v ratings, try Zapco, Arc Audio, US Amps, Orion.

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ok thanx ROger and Isaac

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Yep. Typically 12V ratings are done by high end American amplifier manufacturers, like the ones Isaac stated. Usually you won't get 14.4 out of most stock alternators, some are close though. You can get aftermarket HO alternators with the regulator set to 14.4, though.
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