How does this sound????


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how does this soudns to you guys???

8 12" kenwood kfc 3005
2 1800 watt legacy amps
1(or 2) caps (which do u think i should run 1 or 2?)
eclipse head unit (not sure which one i have)

should i run an extra battery?!?!
any other suggestions were much apprectated

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the eclipse head unit is great wont need any caps so save that cash

kenwood has some decent subs but i would look for the 04 model type R's

id say go with 2 10' type R's and an mtx 6500d

but im also not sure if this post was a joke or not...

Those subs are a waste. Legacy amps are a waste ESPECIALLY if you're going to try to run 8x 300 watt RMS subs b/c everybody knows Legacy throws out BS numbers. Obviously you have no idea what you're talking about since you're asking about how many caps instead of how many farads. If you were really worried, you'd probably ask for a batcap instead. Since you don't even know the model of your head unit, this leads me to believe this whole thing is a joke. If it isn't, I suggest you sell your car right now. In fact, sell your computer while you're at it.

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Everyone be nice.:-)
If this isn't a joke, tell us what you are wanting and how much money you have to spend.

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1.) im woundering on how to wire my subs the amps have 2-channels each
2.) should i run 1 cap or get one for each amp
3.) should i run a power dis. block insted of a completely sprete set of wires
4.)can i run a spreate batt. insted of draing my car
5.)the amps have 900rms and each sub has 175 is the over kill?

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You should have took the money you spent on the 8 subs and legacy amps and bought one or two good subs and then save some more money for a good amp. And dont worry about caps they would be a waste of money get a new alt.
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