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Blown fuse helpDustyn1
What would you buyranger1
Zapco vs. jl audioscab128861
Amp Cuts out at higher volumesXPLOD14
How to choose my AmpChris Roach6
Pyramid amp any good?Joseph2
Need help finding new amp :-)...Rob5
Pioneer GM-D510M any good?Anonymous1
Kenwood KAC-9102D?? 800W rms!!??Anonymous1
Installation of an amp in a Peugeot 206Alan Pope1
What amp to get?Todd huffman1
Zapco vs. arc audio vs. orionscab1288612
Suggestions for a JL amp?James Longo2
4 channel amp suggestionsAnonymous5
Need helpduran walker9
Help with Zapco and symblinkshobhan mittal1
Orion or USAcoutics??MazdaMan2
Infinity 6000cs what Amp??Loc_out@yaoo.com1
Toyota 4runner -- System QuestionBlake Phelps1
I need some help! James Longo5
What do you recommend?Isaac2
Zapco Reference 500.1 vs. JL 500/1Isaac14
Woofers in the box?mladen jur3
If you had $300 to spend, what would you buy??nopity5
Which has better amps? Isaac9
New system..need amp adviceJames Longo3
Symbilink helpJoe Smoe4
What happend to a Car sound stsyem?Joe Smoe2
Old AmpTWiZTiD4
Help me decide...Duramaxrocks9
PPI AX400?dummy3
Alpine M301? M501? or Audiobahn A8000TIsaac3
Whats louder???kyle rensmeyer1
DUAL amp wiring HELP!! please this is a very easy question for mos...mattie2
Kenwood amp. blows fusemattie1
Good Amp Brands? kenwood, infinity, pioneer??Tim Shouder4
2 ohm - 4 channel amp - driving one DVC subIsaac10
This is oddNateJ6
Car computer with existing head unit.JC1
Orin Hcca 250 and older rf amps for saleJames Longo24
Questionzach zimmerman3
Orion?,PPI? U.S. amps?....zapco??dummy11
Any other options?lucas beckner2
Help installing a Capacitorlucas beckner2
This amp run my SUBS??lucas beckner2
An amp and wiring questionMatt5
Isaac Help PleaseIsaac11
Distortion ProblemAnonymous9
Kicker KX700.5 700w 5-Ch Amp w/Class-D Sub OutIsaac8
Tuning problem?Isaac4
Amp?freddy g1
Remote Power SwitchJames Longo4
Car amp troubleshooting need helpBretysdfj;l3
How many RCA Y-connectors?Isaac5
Most efficient clean power producing amps for highs and mids???Isaac2
Not enough Bump per Buck... Wrong Wiring???nadykto john4
Audiobahn or Alpine?mladen jur1
Orion HCCA225G4 ampsIsaac5
NEED HELP with my ampIsaac2
Soundstream or ma audio amps?????Isaac2
What Gauge wire for Alpine MRV-T707Isaac4
Jl, Rockford, Infinity... suggestionsIsaac2
Amp for Infinity Kappa Perfect 6.1???Chris Klein8
How loud would a jl 500/1 and 12w7 combo would be?Jonathan4
Jl, Rockford, Infinity... suggestionsjesse zellner4
Car audio in homeIsaac8
Ground to Black Battery Terminal?Tim Shouder2
Looking for an ampTim Shouder5
Amp doesnt power on but very low music from speakersMike1
~Ground wire to black battery terminal argument~Audiophile1
Please help with remote wire to HUTWiZTiD4
Amp for 6x9 speakersjosh walton2
Protection light stays on, no sound?? help!Isaac2
Orion HCCA specifications for 250/275/425/2100Isaac3
HELP!! Unknown amp?!??Mark Wilson3
Elemental Designs and JBLxxmdfmkxx6
PPI PCX 2400 and DCX 1500.1 Slew ratesInvictuz1
Swiss audiodavid alexander1
Can 4-channel support 4 -speakers and a modertae subwoofer?Isaac4
Choosing a lostDan K3
Amp for idmax 12michael scott1
1 channel run to subs?Anonymous3
2 questions about amp kitsIsaac6
Looking for a good amp with some specifications.ampli6
3 12'S and no amp,,WHAT AMP IS BEST!!Isaac4
Autotek Ampsjoshg1
Amp for mb quart premiums...Tim Shouder5
Has anybody heard of Audio Mobile Amps?Tim Shouder4
2 ohm - 4 channel amp - driving one DVC subcold in MN1
Is a new amp necessary yet?A.T.7
Power Acoustik 3000 wattsJake Davis2
Wires to Use?!lee bolwerk6
Looking For AdviceIsaac7
Matching gain on amp to head unitsean2
Need expert opinion on amp to power new subs.tarpan6
Matching gain on amp to head unitNateJ1
Somebody Help!!!!!J. Miller16
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