If you had $300 to spend, what would you buy??


im on a budget but i am in desperate need of a sub/amp for som more bass. Im not looking for extreme amounts but i do want some bump in my ride. so with $300(bout 250 excluding installation), what is the best stuff i could buy.

ill be getting it from ebay or the flea market so i think i can get som decent stuff for 300.

any ideas?

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Okay, which do you need? Sub or the amp? You're not going to get both for $300.
Look at PPI PC or PCX series amp, MTX or Audiobahn for good low priced amps.
For subs, look for 15" in a sealed box for SQ or ported for SPL. It'll give you more bass than a 12".
Stay away from Lanzar/Pyramid/Sony/Pyle/Boss and other no name brands. Not worth your money.

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OK first of all he's Kinda right about not being able to get both for 300 but theres one thing you could do is Check out Cmttrading.com they are cheap and have some decent stuff but your going to
need alot more than just the amp and the sub(s)
your going to need an install kit which will vary
depending on the size of the amp you choose
and of course you'll need a box for the sub
Now as far as staying away from those brands
I highly disagree that sony should be placed in there I had a 1200 watt sony class d amp
that pounded like all hell and never gave me
any problems at all worked perfectly everyday
i had it I just regret that i sold it (needed the money lol). lol stay away from the rest Happy shopping Oh yea I'd save up more money first.


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actually Isaac is right. If you are interested in getting anything that is half way decent $300 is going to be hard unless you really start looking on ebay for some decent used stuff. That is great that your Sony amp did you wonders but their failure rate is way too high for comfort and when someone doesnt have alot of money the last thing you want to recomend to them is a product with a high rate of failure. Stay away from Sony,Pyramid,Lanzar,Pyle,lightning audio,andthing walmart sells typically. I would look into Old soundstream reference equipment for good deals on ebay I highly recomend them not the new soundsrteam stuff. Also Old Rockford Fosgate Punch amps such as the Punch 100IX or the Punch 200IX very nice amps and you can get for good deals. As for a sub I agree with Isaac look into a 15 maybe a acsendant audio atlas 15 will sound very nice. Also I like the old JBL 1500GTI stuff. well hope I helped you outy a little .

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Well, $300 will be tuff, unless you already have all the wiring, (power, ground, ect.) I went out and got a nice set-up. I'm a family man, so really didn't went to get crazy again, like the old days,lol/. But this is what I got. I went to Rex's, not sure if you know what that is, it's a electronic store. I got A nice bandpass box with two 10's, $140.00. 800 max watts. Nice box, ported, and has the crossover built in, with plex glass, mirrored with a blue neon light in side the box, pretty tight. At the same store, I picked up a Jensen PS475, 4 chan. amp, 900 matts. $89.99. Let me tell you this. I'm not really sure if I even have it hooked up right and adjusted, but this amp rocks. For the money, this is a awesome amp.

So, for $230.00, I got a little bump.

Now, the wiring is the kicker, Including the install kit. I have a 2003 ford tuarus, install kit, $60, amp kit, $26.00. special key to get radio out, $8.00, Speaker wire, $13, battery terminal hardware, $7.00, total, $114.00.

Grand total, $340.00, with self install
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