Orion?,PPI? U.S. amps?....zapco??


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hello folks,
once again, thanks for the responses on previous posts..
was just doing a little homework and came up with..
U.S. amp..5600x
then lol..ZAAAPPCCOO C2K-4.0X.P...lol...gotta laugh at the price tag
can send my kid to college for that one..

o.k. I really like the PPI art series,not that you'd see it, but I am kinda flakey..

the question is?...what would be the best choice, looking for a 4 channel or 2 two channels..What model #'s should I stay away from..I was gonna blow a bunch of money on a new jl 300/4 ..so I saw a bunch on ebay, some new, some not new..I would prefer to buy new(if it really is new?)..
Just trying to narrow down the search

thanks for the help

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Well What is it that you will be powering with this amp or amps. I personally Love US Amps they are alittle expensive but well worth it. They will last for years. and the 5600 is a 5 channel amp. If I remember correctly.

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If you have a tight budget, I'd go with PPI's PC series first, then PCX. You probably won't find any Art series amp anymore. I bought the last one!
If you can find Orion HCCA series, especially the G4, then get it. One of the best amp I ever bought and tested.
If you think Zapco C2K 4 is expensive, try 6 and 9.
Xtant and Arc Audio also make great amps.
US Amps are great but expensive.

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I have seen the art series amps on ebay, used, can these amps still be repaired? can you get the parts for them? I am going to be powering components, 2 sets in front, one set in rear...right now infinity 6000cs until they won't go anymore, then who knows..still looking for crystal clear sound and probably will be for life..lol

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I'm sure anything can be repaired if given enough money. I have the art series amp. Very nice sound quality. I'm using it to power the front speakers.
If you want crystal clear highs, get another soft dome tweeters and connect it in parallel to your existing component system. It makes a huge difference. I have 2 extra tweeters near dash level.

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hey now, I have six tweeters, two in the door, two up top just above ear level in front, and two up top ear level behind seats facing forward,I took 5 inch pvc hardcaps, cut them down to 2 1/4" and installed 6.5's in them. then fastened those on floor by the kick panels,I have those running on a 2 channel amp passed out of the rear of the four channel amp...would I be better off to dump the two channel amp and two of the crossovers.
and wire the four speakers(2woofers, two tweets)in 2ohm?or would it be less, or 8 ohms....I'm not exactly sure the correct wiring,and what happens through the reference x-over..
What I would do is run wire from one woofer to the x-over and one wire from tweet to x-over..then run wire from other woofer to woofer and tweet to tweet, I believe that would be 2 ohm or would it be 1/2
If I ran woofer + woofer to x-over and tweet+ tweet to x-over, what would that be 8ohm or like 16ohm,...like I said, i'm not sure the x-over factor and even so sure about ohms law..a little knowledge is dangerous, huh?
I stopped off at sound advice and listened to the jl 300/4, sounded better than the alpine mrv-f450, and I think my piece of junk jensen amp sounds better than the mrv-f340 we installed in brother in laws truck, so the way I look at it is I have around 500 bucks to mess around with..
thanks again for your help, I really do appreciate it

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That is a lot of tweeters. I only have 2 hard dome, 2 near the kick panel, 2 by the front door. For best sound imaging, you don't want any tweeters behind you.
As for crossover and doubling up on speakers, keep the existing crossovers and just connect them in parallel. What I mean by that is, attach woofers and tweeters to each crossover, then connect each crossover in parallel, pos to pos and neg to neg. This will and should give you 2ohms load.
2ohms will almost double the power of your amp. So if you're getting JL 300/4, then till work out great cause that amp is 2ohms stable.
Just curious, do you have mid range speakers? I ordered 2 4" mids for the front. It'll balance out the tweeters better.
Where did you buy the 5" pvc caps? Homedepo only has 4" max width.

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I am looking at getting the ppi art series amps,just talked to a guy today at a authorized dealer, he said he'll keep an eye out for me, and he knows a guy that can fix them, so I might even try on ebay..I bought the caps. well, the caps came from a plumbing supply house,since I work in that trade, just added them to the stocklist..try the yellow pages under plumbing supply..
I cut the cap down and mounted the speaker ring with epoxy, after it hardened caulked the edges with ployseamseal drilled a hole for speaker wire, ran wire and caulked that hole, then painted, the trick was finding a way to put the speaker grill on....took a 5.25 speaker grill, it fit perfect over the 6.5, easy as pie, these are the infinity reference series, so other speakers will probalby have there own little variation...sounds really good though...tight..

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pvc caps? sounds cool. makes an enclosure huh? how did you mount them to your door? do you have any pictures?

I ordered the same set of comps yesterday and would be interested in mounting them like that if it would improve midbass. Thanks.

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hello there,

yup pvc hard caps..I mounted them on the floor in front of the kick panels.ran sheet metal screws through the cap , carpet and all, brake line, I mean fuel line.
the sound is very good,put the x-over behind the kick panels and ran the tweeter wire up along side the windshield behind the trim..
the possibilties are endless I am gonna try to upload a pic..it didn't work the first time..good luck..nope..see <---dummy..can't upload image, says is too big..??

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looks like thread didn't post, probably floating around in never land..I tried to upload a picture, said it was too large?.
I ran a couple screws through the cap , carpet and all, you know, brake lines, fuel lines, airbag..etc..
then installed the speaker in the cap, I installed them in fron of the kick panels on the floor, put the x-over behind the kick and ran the tweeter wire behind the trim along side the windshield,
the sound is excellent, and the possibilites are endless...good luck.
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