Not enough Bump per Buck... Wrong Wiring???


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Ok i purchased one Pioneer Premier thats 750rms and 2000 peak, it has 2 voice coils, and i got a JBL 600.1 Mono amp. Ok to begin the amp is supposedly mono, but it has 2 inputs for audio and it has 4 outputs as in " + -, + -" rear and front, i thought if its mono it should have only one "+ -", so i just picked one set of inputs and one set of outputs. I wired my sub according to the guy in the store. Since its 2 voice coils and has "+ -" on one side and one on the other, i hooked up "+" from one side and "-" from the other and bridged the other 2. is that right?. my sub bumps but its weaker then i expected and rattles, i dont know if its maybe not enough juice going to it, but the way its a stock deck so i have a LOC hooked up. What am i hooking up wring and what would make it sound better, the amp is 2 ohm stable and so is the sub. Whats the correct way to hook it up?

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I dont really know but i believe you have hooked it up correctly. A questions though is your Sub dual vocie coil or single. Hell i dont know where you bought your pioneer but i believe that it may be broken ( happened to me brand new speaker). IF it aint broke then try hooking up all the terminals that is connect the 2+ from the amp to the sinle + on your sub, and vice versa for the -.
But now that i think about it the way your talking its most likely BLOWN.

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Is the sub 2 ohm DVC or 4 ohm DVC?

You'll have to look in your amplifier manual for wiring examples.

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The sub is Dual Voice Coil and its 2 ohm and 8 ohm steady and the amp is 2 ohm steady at 600 x 1 at 2 ohms sub is 750rms x 2 ohms.
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