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System'sDankman Nuggetz6
12w7 or RE HC 15"? DO I NEED A BATTERY ISOLATOR?Dankman Nuggetz4
Wire for my subsTheNewbie5
Need dual 10 or 12" reccomendation looking for sqlJames Longo2
Alpine Type R'staylor1711
If you like Eclipse Subs Here's the placeAnonymous8
Got new system .. need help with box....Hunter Warren3
Help please!James Longo6
Does sub hurt infant's ears?Jonathan10
Time for some new parts :PRob2
Help please!Eric Sony1
You guys suck at replying to a helpless guy...hahaJohn Schaeffer5
Will it sound good?John Schaeffer1
JL 12w6v2 Ported Boxjoe4
15" Brahma or 12w7 or RE HC 15" ??Anonymous2
Which Amp for Kicker 12" of 1200 wattsJames Longo9
Sealed or ported in trunk of car??Joe Smoe4
Audiobahn 1205QJoe Smoe2
Help choosing!!!!!!Joe Smoe11
Custom BoxesJoe Smoe2
Do i need a new alternator?James Longo6
FREE SUBS??Joe Smoe6
Band pass vs ported?Dankman Nuggetz2
Car Audio!!! Everything from speakers to amps!alamo hq1
Budget System 600Anonymous2
Need Help on what kind of speaker/amp to buyDankman Nuggetz2
Sony XPLOD Subs Question (PLEASE Help)Mike521137
Ascendant AudioMike52113
Sony XPLOD Subs Question (PLEASE Help)Web3
What is louderJohn Schaeffer2
Amps Amps AmpsSubfanatic15
Will this work??John Schaeffer3
Fiberglass enclosure, 3 12"s and no amp HELP Isaac4
Infinity or Memphis???????Chris Klein4
Power Source Question + Speaker problemBrian P Jackson1
Audiobahn EternalAnonymous14
Help Me Out GuysJoe Smoe13
Will this work???John Schaeffer1
Picking a lostkenny eugene hammond2
Pioneer SubAnonymous2
Cutting 0/1 Gauge WireHunter Warren4
What is louderbrian sanderson2
What amp for the RE mt subsBabyBrock4
Dose anyone know anything about the RE MT 12 subsBabyBrock18
Can I fix my sub???Jeff Loughrey3
You Dont Need a System when...Joe Smoe2
Just showing offKrijgy2
Db questionTeam Audio Itch5
Team Audio Itch .. i got a Q for ya....Team Audio Itch8
So confused, Comp Vr or Alpine type RJoe Smoe7
DIY Sub box in Ext Cab Chevykklagge2
Subs sound better in sealed boxes?taylor175
What i louderSubfanatic2
I need a sub for under $250.....Anonymous20
ID, ED, or AdireJoe Smoe8
Xmax in relation to splBraddon Calloway3
Box HelpEric Sony3
Memphis audio quality???Chris Klein2
Fine Tuning SystemJoe Smoe13
Joe Smoe .....Joe Smoe2
Fosgate Amp/Sub QuestionThatGuyYouKnow16
So confused, Comp Vr or Alpine type RDaniel Santos1
Subs and Amp under 600Joshua Daniels1
Audiobahn?Trevor Eaton12
Sub in trucktaylor173
DVC question.taylor172
Which subs to go with?taylor175
Adire changing manufacturing facilitiesChris Klein1
The RE or the Baramas ThatGuyYouKnow2
RE SE sub question...ThatGuyYouKnow5
If you had 300 to spend, what would you buy?Isaac3
10w7 250/1 or 500/1Robbie Brown16
Boxes to useTWiZTiD2
What is louderkenny eugene hammond1
What is louderkenny eugene hammond1
Which should i go with???? .. helpDankman Nuggetz2
How to wire 4 terminal subsJake Davis2
Arc Kar Series SubsJoe Smoe6
Glass, Jon Please help!!Jeff Loughrey10
Which amp to go with. Richard Hassler2
Can someone help me figure out a good system...for around $2200sean8
Help finding best subs for $2000Subfanatic4
Phoenix Gold Xenon subs any good??ryan kamer1
Building My Own Ported Box :-\Anonymous1
Small tear on subMr_Kebo2
Free-air subwoofersDavid Chin1
New sub.Tim yuricek1
Tell me what you thinkChad Hurren1
For the, jon, hunter....any smart guys lol...thanksSubfanatic1
Just bored?James Longo1
Insulating Vent in Subwoofer Box?Michael O1
1Power sub compared to many subsdanny ivan1
Subwoofer helpstevda4@aol.com1
18 ti pro ampcaliboy1
18 ti pro ampcaliboy1
Is the Treo SSX a good sub??? help me ASAP!!!Anonymous1
Resonant engineeringZapcos Only1
Slot vs Regular portsAnonymous1
Civic Hatch backzzcivic1
Whats the best subwoofer?Mark S2
[urgent] help with wiring my subsPatrick Kelly1
How would these compare?Anonymous1
How would these compare?Anonymous1
How would these compare?Anonymous1
Small sized single ported sub enclosuresAlexander1
[urgent] help with wiring my subsPatrick Kelly1
Amp for 2 Wo's?kevin kerston1
Amp for 2 Wo's?kevin kerston1
Amp for 2 Wo's?kevin kerston1
Amp for 2 Wo's?kevin kerston1
Glass or John or any other shiva userAnonymous1
Anyone ever used 10" Punch HX2 Subs?Anonymous1
PowerAcoustic any good?Mike52111
Audiobahn AWIS15PAn AUDIOBAHN Fan1
Whats the deal?Dan K1
Help Me choose my subArrin Patterson1
What amp do i need?Andy1
Building A BoxXander1
Is this true?Anonymous1
Does re ever return emails?erik1
Is this pack any good?jack zheng1
Are 10" rockfords worth the money?taylor171
What subs should i get?ccc1
Need a little help deciding on DVC or SVCdirrrty20001
Is 12 gauge large enough for hooking up my subsjacob1
New to all thisAnonymous1
Treo design vs digital designcorey hicks1
~Vote Please~timothy pardella1
JL AudioAnonymous1
Bacon is the biggest retard on this board.Chief1
Finishin up ma system.....wat amp? wat amp?jeff compton1
Which subs should i get?Anonymous1
Brahma 12 paired with a Kicker CompVR 18Anonymous1
Kicker sub finally installed...please commentLuc Perreau1
Two caps?Eric1
Rear panelchirs-11
Idea for the GurusGrmncrsnbr1
Best Sub?Anonymous1
Did i f*ck upAnonymous1
Help me please...jeff anderson1
Wrong ChoiceAnonymous1
Breakin in subsgar231
Sub QuestionMike Loudon1
What makes Kole MFW's so bad?bruhneedluv21
Can i do this with a port?Anonymous1
Sound Pressure Level?GlassWoIf1
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