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12" 480w peak jbl sub in ported box what amp would do?djeter1082
Need help wtih kenwood KAC-742 ampTheoren Monson2
Would very much like some help thank youd train4
Subwoofer wiring recommendationsJames Longo3
Amp problemJames Longo4
Kinda off topic but dont know where to ask!James Longo6
Please Please Please, I am desperate. Currently sitting in car tr...James Longo19
That little noise the amp picks upGlassWolf3
Amp is dieingosmil rodriguez5
Will this be enough?erik8
Pretty sure, but not exactlyKeith Benedict5
Should i upgrage or is it downgrade ?morphine3
Place for a big ampJames Rouse7
Help With an AMPGlassWolf7
Hey glasswolf?GlassWolf2
Remote amp turn on lead GlassWolf7
Quick vote for an amplifier.GlassWolf11
Bass boost on components?GlassWolf7
What kind of amp?russell p5
Amp problemMark S7
Good amp for Adire Koda components?scab128861
2 channel ampSteve Logan1
I have $400 for an amp! HELP!!GlassWolf3
PPI Art series, JL Audio w6GlassWolf2
Wiring diagram?andrew smith3
Remote turn on GlassWolf4
GLASSWOLF, JONATHAN HELP!!johnny lemoine20
Opinions on the MTX 1501.DAnonymous20
Which amp to buy. GLasswolf please help a newbiesachin soni12
Good setup?andrew21
Anyone want a new 1200 watt amp jblerik8
Bridging a sony xm2200gtxjohn smith1
Wiring Question/Problemdjeter10838
Recommended AmpKillerBuffalo2
Current draw from an amp?Mark S4
Necessity of subsonic filterGlassWolf4
Stock AudioGlassWolf3
Will this work?GlassWolf2
Need a strong clean good quality amptaylor173
Best amp for ONE JL Audio 12w6v2?Oleg Ni4
Best 4 channel amp?.alpine mrv f540 or jl 300/4 or ?dummy3
Quick Question...Patrick D.2
Audiobahn ALUM12Q x2 ....what amp?jake brady1
Which speakers get the amp?James Longo2
Good amp for 12" alpine type-rMark S2
Couple questions on amps and wiring.andrew smith1
Only one channel works?Andrew Rehmann1
Will a audiobahn A8000t amp power 2 12 w6v2's?Oleg Ni5
Got a little problem.GlassWolf2
A couple questionsGlassWolf3
Refurbished ampsguest2
Need some help pleaseGlassWolf5
Whats gonna power theseGlassWolf7
Need Sub 400 watts rms sugg?GlassWolf2
Too much power?GlassWolf2
Don't Laugh....need help with really old AMPGlassWolf3
Hey experts, am I missing anything?Isaac40
Know anything about cuspid am4310? plz helpthefirm3
What Amp???Anonymous2
Help with preamp outs and Hi/Low Convertors!phx4
What kind of systems you guys runnin out there? BasS_PhreaK23
How many channel amp should i get for my speakersJonathan2
Glasswolf or Jonathan question helpGlassWolf2
Mtx amp doesnt work.GlassWolf2
HELP my mach 460 system..pleaseGlassWolf2
Will it hurt my amp to run one sub?GlassWolf8
HYBRID CARS - Safe to add amps?JeremyC21
Amp for koda components...scab128861
Glasswolf: how's this setup?GlassWolf8
Matching gains to pre-outs?James Longo3
Mtx ampsGlassWolf9
I need some advice...GlassWolf please..GlassWolf4
Jl 10's what ampchad2
Cold subsGlassWolf11
Who is teaching Ohm's law here....?GlassWolf4
Audiobahn amps, good or bad?GlassWolf2
Where to buy JBL bp-600.1 amp?GlassWolf3
Jonathan or Glass - Help?GlassWolf9
Glasswolf need adviceaaron oberste3
Just ordered two 12 bramhas, what amp?GlassWolf2
Easy way to tell if Im going to need a capacitor?GlassWolf6
CD Player Turns Amp Off?GlassWolf2
Wattage to subMark S6
How to connect sub?djeter1088
Sony 440w amp fuse problemdjeter1085
Amp turn on question for GlassWolfGlassWolf2
Amp companiesdjeter1085
JL e4300 with ECLI 8454 and JL 10 sub: good ? bad?GlassWolf6
DVc with amp questionJeff Loughrey2
Choosing an amptaylor174
Hey Glass?GlassWolf5
Please help me glasswolfGlassWolf2
Good amp?GlassWolf2
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