Don't Laugh....need help with really old AMP


Okay, this is what I have to work with....

US Acoustics 4050 (50x4) amp...yes, I know it is discontinued :-)
Sherwood XN-1000T crossover
subwoofer (JL) in a box

really old any old school cats out there willing to give this Frankenstein project some much needed advice? How do I run power to the front speakers, the rear speakers and the subwoofer with this equipment? Head unit is an Alpine CDA-9827.

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if you are planning on running your entire system off that amp I guess you would run your mids and highs off of two channels and run your sub off of two channels bridged! thats what I would think but ask Glass Wolf he will be able to help you out more. In my opinion I would use that amp for your mids and highs and get a seperate amp for your sub/subs!

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well first, I need to know the impedance of that JL sub box.
is it 4 ohms?

if so, you can do one of the following:

run the sub on the rear two amp channels, bridged, and run the front speakers from channels 1 and 2 of the amp, and rear speakers off the head unit's rear powered channels

sub on the amp rear bridged channels
and wire front and rear speakers to the front 2 amp channels in parallel.
this will give more power to the rears but no ability to fade front to rear
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