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i had a quick question, i have a 400 watt 4 channel amp that hooks up my front 6" speakers and my back 6x9". everytime i start the car and accelerate i can hear the whirring noise of the engine, the wires run underneath by the sides of doors of my honda, how do i make that noise stop????????????

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First thing I would do is redo all of your grounds. All of them, amp, deck, and battery.
Make sure you take a wire brush and remove all paint and dirt so that you are getting the best signal possiable. If you are using the factory ground on your head unit, I would move it to a firm peice of metal behind your dash. Make sure you run a new wire from your alt to battery, battery to ground, and if you want battery to engine block. I normally leave the factory wire and just add in a second 4 guage or 0 guage wire.
Next thing, you want to make sure your rca wires and power wires run down the opasite sides of the car. Something else to keep in mind, if your power to the amp is 4 guage you want your ground for the amp to be 4 guage too. This will probably fix it, if not I would see about swapping out your amp or deck. They might be causing the problem. However it is more than likely a grounding issue.

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that's alternator whine.
you probably have a bad ground at the amp or the ehad unit.
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