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well, I just purchased my used system from my friend..here's what I got:
1- Sub Enclosure
2- 12" Kicker solo-barics (older round kind)
1- MTX Thunder 2160 amp
1- MTX thunder 2300 amp
1- Eclipse head unit model 5302
2- Eclipse 6x9's w/ tweeters
2- Eclipse 5.25's w/ tweeters
1- MTX RT-X01A Electronic Crossover

and it's all in great condition, he just got tired of bumping, don't ask me why...(not bad for $500, huh?)

anyways, I am trying to hook all of this stuff up... first off, I am going to hook up all of my new component speakers, then wire up my new cd player, and then hook up my subs..

the part I need help on is hooking up my 6x9's to the smaller 2 channel amp, and hooking it all up to power and stuff like that..

I looked up the specs on my 2160 amp and it said it would put out 320w bridged, and what exactly does bridged mean?

ok, I have an RCA cable running from my cd player to the back, and it plugs into my crossover, which then has 2 RCA outputs that go to my 2160 and 2300 amps. the 2300 then goes to my two 12's, and the 2160 to my two 6x9's. I am planning to run my two 5.25's off of the cd player itself, since I think that they will do just fine off of that, for my purposes anyways. now, on the output from the 2160, there are two dual wires that go to the 6x9's...do I just hook up one wire to one little tab and the other to the other tab, and does one side need to go to a specific side, or does it matter? Also, same question on the subs, does it matter which wire goes to the red little pole and which to the black? or can it be either way?

Now, I am planning on running 4 ga. wire from my battery to my amps with an amplifier wiring kit, and then grounding all of that to the frame itself, not to the body, which may not be a strong enough ground. Will my cd player remote automatically turn off all of my stuff, including both amps and the crossover, or do I need to incorporate some switches in there?

sorry if my stuff is a little hard to follow, I am just a little bit anxious, so I'm not really thinking too logically..thanks for all of your help guys!!

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"I looked up the specs on my 2160 amp and it said it would put out 320w bridged, and what exactly does bridged mean?"


As for how to wire the speakers to the amplifiers, you should really understand phasing, and impedance basics at the least before getting into that without help.
you may be better off having a shop do this install for you, or at least getting help from the friend from whom ya bought all this.
also, you may want to read all of www.bcae1.com
that site has everything you need to know about the basics of car audio function and installation.

as long as your amps, XO, etc are wired using the REM wires that go to the REM or PWR ANT wire of the Eclipse radio, everything will turn on and off with the head unit.

nice system, but I'd replace the 2-channel amplifier with a 4 channel amp for your fronts/rears or power the fronts with the amp and the rears off the ehad unit.
you don't want all the power on the back speakers. that will destroy your soundstage.

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taking a closer look at my cd player, I found that it only has RCA outputs on it, and it doesn't have power outputs to power speakers directly off of it...so I figure that I am going to run all of my component speakers off of my 2 channel amp by wiring them in series. one question I have though, is whether or not my speakers will sound right, being that the rear speakers have the same power going to the as the front speakers..I don't know..I need your professional opinion...

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you can use an L-Pad on each of the rear speakers to attenuate them if needed.
go back to bcae1.com and search the right menu for "L-pad"
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