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Should i buy this ampOnfire1
What would be the ideal amp to power two 12' RE x.xx GlassWolf2
What type of amp???GlassWolf2
Alphasonik amps?Nile D. Brooks1
Amp Blown? or just my mistake?GlassWolf17
How would i be able to put 2 amps together?GlassWolf12
Amp blown?Isaac2
How will my 800 watts be distributed?Isaac2
Need help choosing the right AMPIsaac2
Mp3 player output voltageIsaac2
How to hook up an ampAnonymous1
What Amp!?!Brett Fosdick5
New system, Lights dimming problemIsaac11
Amp Ohm'sAnonymous2
Alpine MRV T707 blowing fuses like crazyFryGuy.ca8
MTX 801dmtx1
Amp HelpFryGuy.ca4
Amp Ohm'sGlassWolf5
Us ampsLand3
Louder -- ported or bandpassGlassWolf12
Glasswolf or someone with knowledge help me outGlassWolf8
2 ch amp Questionjohnny lemoine6
A couple newby questionsGlassWolf7
Why not turn up your gain more than half way?GlassWolf9
High level input on amplifierGlassWolf2
Email me at jewelbags@yahoo.comGlassWolf9
Anyone running a Hifonics Brutus 1500 at one Ohm?tafkam5
My Protection Light Kicks OnFryGuy.ca10
Over current light stays on Help25
Amps on the box?JeremyC24
How to power mb quarts?phx5
Port tuning???FryGuy.ca5
Low wattageFryGuy.ca4
Amp to power supplyFryGuy.ca3
Why is it bad to bridge two different amps together?FryGuy.ca2
Connecting two ampsFryGuy.ca2
Problems with my sony exploid xm1502gdfgfdg2
What size amp shoud i have? need to knowOleg Ni2
Boss RIP-796Oleg Ni2
Bridge or not BridgeOleg Ni3
What amp to buy?Oleg Ni4
Will a 2-channel absolute 1600watt amp power 2 solo baric 15''s?...Oleg Ni3
Amp for my CorradoOleg Ni2
Where can i find a jbl bp 1200.1????Oleg Ni3
Amplifier problemOleg Ni2
Will a 900 watt rockford fosgate amp....eric t curran2
Which is the best option ?Isaac48
Marshall WhiteAnonymous1
Amp for MB Quart components...scab128861
Wire gaugeGlassWolf2
What amp?GlassWolf6
Problems using 8 ga. instead of 4 ga.?Braddon Calloway4
What wiring do i need?GlassWolf4
What size amp shoud i have? need to knowIsaac4
Isaac, did you research the Audiobahn A8002T or A8000T amplifier yet?Brett Fosdick1
NASCA - Winner!Anonymous13
A couple newby questionschris harper1
Opinions on Orion 600DGlassWolf2
Directed audio?GlassWolf2
Setting gain with DMMGlassWolf9
Which amp?Braddon Calloway1
Xtant x603 from precision power pc 6600 (opinions, Glasswolf?)...Anonymous3
Isac or anyone amp helpGlassWolf6
Will this work?GlassWolf2
Confused noobGlassWolf8
Help with wiring please!taylor173
Anyone interested in a referbished jbl 600.1 from cardomain?Braddon Calloway1
Help with connecting a universal bass remote to ampIsaac12
Alpine V12xxmdfmkxx4
Infinity perfect 12.1d to which amp?Adam2
Can a PPI a600.2 run?James Longo1
The new rockford ampstaylor177
Boss Amps?GlassWolf13
Help with amp frequency....GlassWolf3
Speaker wire to dual voice cone subsTVScustomsNY7
Newb To In Car Audio *help*william B rown4
Thoughts on multi-channel amps..Jerry G16
What Shold I DoGlassWolf2
Phoenix gold xenon 200.4Mark Smith6
Gain SettingGlassWolf2
I know running 0 gauge wire is overkill...butGlassWolf3
Need a new system repli plz.taylor172
NEED HELP!daniel walter gisch5
Dr. Crankensteinxxmdfmkxx4
Protection LIght On!basslova3
Cuspid amps?Jamie Richard19
Looking for some opinions on this systemGlassWolf2
Needed opinionGlassWolf2
JBL GTQ400MynameisChris2
2 ampsAnonymous1
JBL CS 200.1ElectricPurple14Volt1
Just bought new subOleg Ni2
Amerage DrawGlassWolf2
Thanks Isaac;Isaac2
Amplifier install to a Golf Mk4GlassWolf4
No Sound From Speakers!Cavi9546
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