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I was over on the subwoofer forum reading about how to wire 4 subs and what rating of amp to get for the subs and got confused. Hopefully you guys can help me out...

I am planning on getting one Shiva (DVC, 4Ohm impedance) and a 600W @ 2Ohms mono amp. Hopefully in the near future I am going to get another Shiva, and was under the assumption that getting a 600W @ 2Ohm amp would work for both situations. Now with the other discussion, I am confused. Does this make sense?

300W @ 4Ohms (one Shiva)
600W @ 2Ohms (two Shivas, seeing 300W each)

Thanks for the help!

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I'am not good at explaining thing's but hear I go. Sory if I confuse you and sory bout my spelling. A 4 ohm dvc sub can be wired 2 ways. In to a 2 ohm load, or a 8 ohm load. That is the only way the sub can be wired. If you just hook up one sub on that amp at 2 ohm's you can have 600 watt's. Then when you wire the other sub at 2 ohms that should cut the 600 watt's in to to subs makeing them 300 watt's. If you are geting a dvc 4 ohm sub just make sure the amp you get is 2 ohm stable when it is bridged. Hope I help

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Hey Brian, 4ohms DVC's have 2 sets of speaker terminals. They're used to match the ohms for the amp. If you're planning to buy another sub later, then make sure the amp is either 4ohms or 1ohm stable. You see one 4ohm DVC will give you 8ohms, or 2ohms. However if you have 2 pairs, then they'll give you 16ohms, 4ohms, and 1ohm.
If you want to get 2ohms stable amps, then you'll need 2ohms DVC subs.

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Sorry I didn't explain as clearly...they are both 8 Ohm coils, but I am going to wire them to be at 4 Ohms (in series). So with two DVC's all wired series, the the amp would see 2 Ohms...optimizing the amp. Am I correct?

thanks for your help

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well you are very close. you would wire the first sub when you get it in parallel. it would show the amp a 4 ohm load and you would get 300 watts x 1 @ 4ohms. then when you get your 2nd shiva you would wire that also in parallel. your amp would now see a 2ohm load and you would get 300x2@2ohms. so yes it is a very good way to go if you are sure you are getting 2 of them. if not save your money and buy a good 2 channel amp to bridge to get 300 x 1 @ 4.

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is there an advantage to bridging a 2 channel amp over using a mono amp?

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Not much of one.

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depends on the load you're driving.
if its a 4 ohm load, a bridged amp will put full power into a 4 ohm load
if its a 2 ohm load, the mono amp will deliver full power.
its just a matter of matching the amp to your needs
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