Xtant x603 from precision power pc 6600 (opinions, Glasswolf?)


Hey , I am thinking about making a change in my current set up and want to know what you guys think. I have a alpine cda 9833 hu, Mid level mb.quart 6.5 components in my front doors (q series are just too expensive), a set of entry level mb quarts for my rear fill and a new infinity perfect 12.1Vq sub. Right now this is running off of a precision power pc 6600 (chrome) which has been a pretty good amp for me. I am currently considering upgrading? to a xtant x603. One reason for this is that i am going to abandon the concept of rear fill speakers, i like how my car sounds better with out rear fill, and a 3 channel amp is a logical choice. Another is i have heard great things about xtant's products and i would like to just try something different, i have had that ppi for like 4 or 5 years. A third factor is that i found an authorized xtant dealer that has a remanufactured x603, that comes with a warranty and all, for under 400, not bad considering that thing is a grand new. what are you thoughts, should i go for it, will the xtant have enough juice for that 4 ohm sub, or would i have to get a dvc sub to make that xtant work well. what do you guys think. this is going into a vw golf by the way


never had much experience with ppi stuff, but i have an xtant x604 and love it.hope this helps
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