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OhmsBushiki Balls1
How system would b louder repli plzAnonymous2
Alpine swr-1021d 10'sMarc MacDonald10
10 or 12 inch premium versus average 15?Anonymous4
Fishy/Jonathan lunacy or resonable?Damien Roberts3
Some people are hopelessFishy4
Polyfill makes a difference/ new sub dilemmaFishy16
JL 2x 12w7 vs 13w7Fishy2
Alpine CDA-9812rb vs CDA-9815??pacavelizzzz3
Probably a simple answer...ButJonathan4
Sq and sqlREDSKIN3
Whos will thump hardersean5
Question for Sean!!!!!sean2
12'' Jl w3v2 or 12'' RF Hx2 ?David Washington2
Which one?David Washington13
Wiring helpMarc MacDonald7
Whats this foam with adhesive that came with my sub?jeremy pickens4
Brahma 10" & JL 500-5ryan c.2
What subs to get?ryan c.12
Audiobahnryan c.5
What does 150 feel likesean5
How much louder are 15s than 12s. please helpsean2
Isobaric enclosureDave Musser6
Somethings i just dont understandsean2
Is one jbl 1200.1 enough to power 2 12' Brahmas?Macdizzlez1
Can't find emBushiki Balls5
Pleez help!!!!!!Napalm11
8w7's: The Advantage of Running 8'sFishy27
Subs and the Truth about them!!!!!!!!Juggalo Jeff9
I need some helpJuggalo Jeff7
Funniest thing Juggalo Jeff2
$300Juggalo Jeff11
What would have better sound?? help me out plzAnonymous3
Alpine subsJoe Smoe7
QUIK ? repli plzJoe Smoe2
Porting box for 15sJoe Smoe10
Type x?Wahl11
Nitro Audio??Anonymous1
What can beat my speakers Slap Johnson4
Can I get some advice from the experts?koz5
What amp should I get for 2 12' Brahmas?Anonymous1
What area is everyone in? Where ya'll from?koz19
Audiobahn's savior...koz65
Ported, sealed? which is louder or betterDavid Washington2
A couple Q's regarding crossovers, DVC's, and buying used ampsNick2
JL W0s vs. KickersLostRookie1
Shiva good enough ?andyS7
Jonathan old friend Jonathan7
What exactly is an isobaric enclosure?Dave Musser4
Where to find REDave5
Where to Buy the RE X.XX SubJames3
Great, good, bad, or ugly?Justaninput6
Parallel wiring confusionjeremie boop4
Hardest hitting songsdick brother5
I need help choosing my amp!!!!!! plisdick brother6
Fishy, Grand Marquise guy...Fishy2
I need port help, praunto!!!johnsimms4
Heard the Solo X todaySlap Johnson4
Q-Logic or XScorpionDumbfoundeDave8
How to tell tuningsean2
Cerwin VegaJayDub8
What sub to get?alex isbell4
Wiring 12w7J K P S3
Audiobahn AW1208T VS Image Dynamics ID MAX 12 v.3 D2 Joe Smoe6
JL Audio subsJoe Smoe2
Subwoofer rattlingJoe Smoe4
Good or Not?matt776
Competition?Slap Johnson3
Dynamat substitue for cheaperik3
Help subwoofer problem1eyedjim1
Johnathan...Ed amps?Jonathan2
Getting rid of my systemfrunjie slappity bin3
Jonathan, or any1 else intelligent, I need help...Fishy20
JBL or Hifonicsmatt774
Need Help with plans for a new systemJonathan11
Need some clarificationJonathan6
12w6v2 vs. 10w6v2Jonathan9
Would This "Sound" Good?Jonathan3
Wires upgradeJuggalo Jeff4
PORT NOISE!!! How can I reduce it?Juggalo Jeff11
Subwoofer repairJuggalo Jeff2
Help with wiring subs? Thanks.Steven2
What does ice guard look like?Fishy11
Help..... vmax or shiva's?????Joe Smoe3
JBL 600.1Steven12
Cabin Gain??? jonathan, fishy, anyone....HELP!!!Fishy6
12" subs for wrangler...rob bashara1
Headunit Sale!Jeff Loughrey1
JL audio 500/1 and SWR-1241d install helpchristopher diehl3
What if?Fishy13
What r the best subs???Napalm10
Sub/amp questionratty5
Best 10 inch subSuicide-Shifter7
Something funnykoz13
Ground Wirekoz6
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