Can I get some advice from the experts?


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Hey, I trust that everyone is doing well.

Allow me to give you the skinny:

I drive a 2002 Honda Civic, Coupe. I am considering putting a Kicker Solobaric S12L7, Dual 4 OHM, ECT, you know the drill in my car. I just want to put one in.

Basically, I am not very knowledgeable about the mechanics of car stereo. In fact, I know nothing besides the fact that that speaker is loud as hell.

So... in conclusion, what do you think? Overkill? Not enough (2002 Honda Civic Coupe, mind you)? What amp do I need (brand, power, mono, 2 channel)? Also, I need to know what things would not be compatible with that sub, because I don't know the science behind it all.

I am capable of hooking it up, I have done that before, but I want to make informed choices about my purchases. Please, please, please, some kind soul direct me here.



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basicly the bigger the speaker the louder and the bigger the lower it goes.i have allot of experens.-the speling.
i persenly like kiker subs flog proof.
i had 4 kikers in isobarik one on top of the other gooooo dr dre.
try 2 15inch kiker subs and a alpine one chanel
digital mrd-m501 amp and be imprest.
iv been there dun that it will give it to you aplenty

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Somehow I think 2 15" is too much for my Coupe. Doesn't anyone think that a 12" Solarbaric is more than enough? Thoughts, ideas?

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I think a single 12" kicker is enough man. my friend also had a civic coupe. he went all out and bought an mtx rfl, and one of their high end amps that put out 1500 watts rms! but that sh!t was way too much for his civic because of how small civic alternators are. he just sold all of it and stuck with stock speakers but an alpine deck. what i'm getting to here is that don't buy an amp that'll suck the life out of your alternator, unless you plan on getting a HO alternator. I think that a 400 to 500 rms amp should be sufficient to push your sub to full excursion. i'lm not familiar with the kicker, but aren't they 1000 rms? so i'm thinking, half that wattage will put it to full xcursion.

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isn't the RFL a 2000w---4000 watt max sub? why did your friend only put 1500 to it. LOL

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