Isobaric enclosure


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Is a 4th order isobaric push/pull enclosure vented?
or can it be sealed?

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i had seald 4 kikers 10 inch
go dr dre

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HUH? That had completely no relevance to the guys question. But Dave. I think a 4th order box would be a bandpass. There's like 4th order, 6th order, and other ones possibly. I always thought isobaric enclosures were sealed boxes. Maybe you can do it vented though.

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Thanks Joe .. I found out about isobaric enclosures earlier in a search .. your are right in the 4th order enclosure being a bandbass. The second order enclosure is a sealed box.

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Isobaric isn't really an enclosure. Its just a way of combining to drivers into one and can be used in sealed, vented, bandpass or whatever.

You can think of it as taking a speaker and doubling everything except its surface area.


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True Fishy .. it is probably better to think of it that way .. except I thought the power output stayed the same as a single sub as well.

I posted it in the wrong forum .. but if you want to wander over to the amps section, I have a post called charts that I put a bunch of charts in.

I'm not sure how to interpret them (in comparison) to one another but I'd like to know which is better for SQ and which is better for SPL (each chart graphs 3 different configurations)
The charts are for gain, phase plot, spl and group delay.
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