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I'm at it again, the four Alpine 6x9s and two 12" Type Rs sound awesome! I want more though <>_<>! So here is my recent pondered project, ready? I'm pretty much right now considering putting another 1,500 watt amp in and another 4 channel amp in. The 4 channel would be powering four more 6x9s or 6-1/2s that id like to put in the car in addition to the others and maybe 4 tweets. The other amp would be to power to more Type Rs in a Sealed/ported enclosure along with another 2.4 Farad cap. Good idea? Would it sound sick nasty, or just idiocy and a waste of time and cash?

To some it up I am now considering having the following:

*2x 2 channel 1500 Watt amps
*2x 4 channel 640 Watt amps
*8x Alpine 3-way 6x9s or 6x 6x9s and 2x 6-1/2s
*4x Alpine Type Rs in sealed/ported enclosures
*4x Tweeters
*2x 2.4 Farad Caps

Also when my car and system are on im reading a constant 14.2 volts and when the car is off I read 13.x volts; is this good, above/below average? Let me know what you think about all this, take it easy guys.

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lol, you've got a good battery if your reading 13 with the car off. I get high 11's to low 12's with mine.

I guess soundstage isn't all that important to you if your considrering TWO PAIR of 6x9's in the rear, hehe. How the hell are you finding the space to mount all them suckers anyways(amps included)?

You must be drivin a Greyhound, a soon to be very LOUD one at that. Good 6x9's do crank.



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I don't know shyte about how good Sears DieHard batteries are, im using a DieHard Gold (have had it for 8 months) with a 3 or 4 year warranty. Kill this one and it goes back to sears and they replace it no questions asked, hehe....

As far as space goes the 1995 Toyota Camry is not a small car, it's actually one of the biggest Camry models ever made by Toyota. I can EASILY fit two Dual 12" sealed/ported boxes in my trunk (one facing away and one facing toward) along with 4 amps and two 2.4 Farad caps. As far as the 6x9s go I am not quite sure yet where I am going to put them. I have contemplated getting 6x9 enclosures and shoving them under the rear part of the seat and drilling those down with the tweeters pointing up and putting a diesel guard on them for protection. Then for other front pair fix the enclosures to the under part of the dash on each side. I like my music to POUND and be EXTREMELY loud (metal mmmm), I don't want to be able to hear myself think or speak. Here in NY friends and I go to "drive in" camping spots. Pretty much this is sectioned off pick nick area with a river running through the middle of it where all you park, build a fire, listen to music, and get plastered. I want to be able to hear it from a decent amount of distance away, (helps you find your way back at night through the woods heh...) Maybe only another pair of 6x9s in the front would be good? I don't know but im rambling now, I will let you go.
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