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Quick super noob "?"StanleyC3
Hifonics amps or subsjeremie boop3
Need really good setupJonathan30
We need a thread where yall can post yall system setups that will ...tyson hunt13
My 12" brahma makes a "tapping" sound???HELP!Jonathan8
IDMAX 12Chief2
Flip aroundFishy7
Rms 300 but pushing 420 watts from ampAlias4
One Sub. Two Choices.sean2
Minimum port areasean9
Tuning an enclosure below the driver's Fs???sean2
Box for the best thumpinJohn2
Help w/ box!!Pat Lorenz3
Niche audio??Anonymous2
Can anyone with exp. compare the Vmax to the W3v2 for me?Nick1
Substitutes for Dynamat??? HELP!sean5
I need help ani replies im beggin REPLI PLZAnonymous5
Air velocity at port? How low does it need to be to prevent port no...sean2
New sub Anonymous1
Question about two kinds of subsJarryd Lancaster1
Need advice please help!!!!!Ryan Soares6
THE hardest hitting basslinesLostRookie86
Got my new car -- the planning continueserik2
Whats the best bass songs wit no rapJoe Smoe11
SPL box for V-MAX 12"OrlandoThomas3
Id max v.3.....Napalm1
Subwoofer enclosureBigjay2
I know your sick of the VMax threads but....Fishy7
How the hell do you....Fishy10
Adire brahma 10" xmech???ASAP!!!Anonymous1
Size of a subPat Lorenz3
ID Max Woes I Post This Because of a Person Who Posted on This Site...Jonathan11
JL 12" W7 v.s. 12" Premier TS-W2000SPLAnonymous2
JL 12W7 v.s. Premier TS-W2000SPLJuggalo Jeff1
12 inch subAudionoob132
Educating sites?Audionoob135
Bridging question....Fishy2
Fusion subs?Don LeClair2
Fusion power plant 12'' dvc Don LeClair2
Something I always wondered?Jonathan8
Changing a Brahma 10" to a 12"???Can it be done???Jonathan2
2 RE SX 10's or 1 x.x.x. 12???Anonymous1
Who has the best sounding subsryan c.23
New Adire Audio SHIVAS 12" for Sale. $50!!! CHEAP!!!Fishy7
Another sub questionBigjay1
4 Channel Amp to Dual Voice Coil Sub.....HelpYari Nielsen1
Who do you recognize the difference between a sq sub and spl sub wh...coola2
Sweet wiring job ! messy..andyS9
What is the difference between SVC and DVC?JayDub2
Phoenix Gold Amps?Paul1
Volume measurmentsBigjay1
??Wich Sub Is Better??JayDub6
Help with subwoofer box for s-10 reg. cabJeffrey D2
Type-R VS. RF P3David Flynn3
2v or 4v pre-amp out's?Audiophile5
Custom sub boxes??????????Jonathan4
I need help w/ohms!!!Anonymous2
Pioneer TS-W305C vs Pioneer TS-W125CBryan B2
Adire brahma 12 vs Image Dynamics IDMAX 12Jonathan14
Tunning my box, Sean or Jon i need your help!!!sean16
Need Help with a system Fishy or Jonathan or another Expert.James Jeffery Dunn1
Image dynamics 12 IDMAXatreyu rock1
General help please!Juggalo Jeff2
2 12" RE X.XX's and a KX1200.1 help?Anonymous2
Need 2 10's with sq and spl under 250 dollarsryan c.6
Best AMP for S15L7?Anonymous1
Audiobahn AW1251T vs. MMATS Pro12matt7713
I need loud beats 4 under $500koz2
Need some help please!!!!Chad Meyer1
Are 10" rockfords worth the money?taylor171
Jonathan or any1 else who know's their sh1t...Joe Smoe1
Wiring helpSteven3
What is the Brahma 10's Xmech???Roger O2
What to do with $2500devin a14
Help me choose a system...Audionoob134
Audiobahn alum10qtaylor174
NEW GUY HERE (need help)devin a4
Treo subsAlex Kintis5
Whats the best sub for $400-500???devin a4
What do you think about 3 x.x.x. subs with 1 us amps de-3000 -6000...Anonymous7
Noise in SystemFishy2
Transmission vs. ported. What is better?Anonymous1
15s good or badblare holz1
Quick Question, please answer...Jeffrey D11
Need help!! what type of box is better?Anonymous1
Boston Comps??????????????sean s3
Which amp for these subsJonathan2
Want my car to tremble !Damien Roberts13
Ed Amps?Andrew Stibey1
RF P312D4 or CV V-Max12S. Singh1
Sub Wiring Nightmare Help??????Anonymous8
Do i need one or twoDabeast411
RF P3 12 sub ExtructionThatGuyYouKnow1
Port diameter question for a shivasean12
What Amp Should I get for Two CV V-Max 12"Fishy6
MA audioerik6
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