Audiobahn alum10q


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they are 800 watts r.m.s 1600 max i am thinking about puting the a2300hct amp so i will hav close to 1200 watts to each subare they good i know a lot of people don't like audiobahn but i do so need reviews on thes subs

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First of all it wouldnt work
alum10q is 6ohm SVC Subwoofer
a2300hct has RMS Rating of
2 Ohms Stereo : 600 x 2
(not possable with your subs)
1 Ohms Mono : 2400 x 1
(not possable with your subs)

Thats why you macaroni niggas should look at Impendance ratings, AudioBahn wants you to buy the amp from the same series of the subs.

but hey if you want to give your amp an ohm load it cant handle go for it, make sure you give me a photo of your car in flames.

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Heres the ONLY way you could use that amp get 4 more Alum10q and wire it mono and youll get an 2ohm load
2 Ohms Mono : 1200 x 1
so with 6 Alum10q's
6subs @ 200w @ 2Ohm's would work but you'll be spending more than your getting

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i don't know anything a bout ohms what amp shood i get for thes subs or different subs i really like the rockford's they sound really clean and hit hard to
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