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From previous answered questions I have learned that I can wire the voice coils on my Alpine Type R 4 ohm speakers in parallel to end up with a 2 ohm load (thank you Jonathan). I am going to do this to each sub (I have two) and use a 2 channel amp to power them. I just have some more questions regarding some basic facts so here they are.

Sub stats: Alpine 4 ohm DVC Type R 300 Watt RMS/1000 Peak

1. I listen to Death Metal, Classic Rock, Thrash, and some techno. Is the sound quality between a 10 and 12" Type R real noticeable. What I am getting at here is will rock/metal sound like crap on a 12" Type R DVC sub?
2. Just to double check my work I made a small picture representing my view of how to wire 2 voice coils in parallel and back to the amp shown there. Please take a look at it and tell me if that is correct. If so to wire each coil together im guessing id need to solder the speaker cable from the first + terminal on the coil to the second coils + terminal.
3. I have read many many many many posts on Type R enclosures and what they need to sound the best and everyone seems to have a dif. opinion. Alpine recently changed the site around and I am unable to find the specs for what type of box and space is recommended for these subs, could you help me out here? What enclosure would sound the best given my taste of music? I was going to go with a sealed/ported box.

I appreciate everyone's help, thanks!

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I have 2 10" alpine type r's i have a q logic box which u can have sealed or ported which is real nice it sounds pretty good. as for the volumes they r 0.5-0.8 cubic feet for a 10 in a sealed box and 1.0 cu. ft ported and a 12 is 0.7-1.0 cu. ft sealed and im sure on ported for the 12
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