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Take Advantage of TV Sales While You Can: There is Trouble Ahead for Manufacturers

With the EU’s TV power consumption regulations and disturbing 2022 Q3 financial numbers announced by LG Display, 2023 might be a tough year for TV makers. The flip side is the TV sales right now make it a great time to buy.

Sony BRAVIA A80K 4K OLED TV Lifestyle

There are some great TV sales right now if you’re looking for a 4K or 8K television from Sony, Samsung, or LG — but there is also trouble brewing for the largest manufacturers and this might be the time to buy.

2022 started out with some significant product introductions that have provided consumers with some excellent options.

  • In 2022, Sony became the first TV maker to offer LED/LCD, miniLED, OLED, and QD-OLED TVs in its product line-up.
  • Following up on its own-branded TVs announced in late 2021, Amazon expanded its branded TV offerings with their new Omni Series QLED TVs

With all of this momentum, it looked like 2023 was going to be a year of continued innovation and new product introductions, but it may not materialize as expected.

First off, the EU issued new TV power consumption regulations for 2023. This puts a damper primarily on 8K TVs but also affects 4K UHD TVs with high brightness capabilities.

Future for 8K TVs like the Samsung QN900B is questionable after EU power regulations

In addition, LG Display (the company that makes OLED TV panels for LG Electronics, Sony, Vizio, Panasonic, Philips, and others) revealed some concerning financial results in their 2022 Q3 financial report. LG Display suffered a loss of 774 billion Won (around $540 million USD) and a 6.3% decrease in its overall revenue.

This means that even though OLED TVs have made progressive tech improvements and prices have been coming down, the demand for OLED TVs dropped — especially in Europe. This means that LG Display has a surplus of panels to sell to its TV manufacturing customers. As a result of this surplus, it is being reported that LG Display has shut down one of its OLED panel factories for at least a month.

Inflation is starting to have a significant impact on consumer spending in Europe and N. America — primarily in housing, consumer electronics, and appliances.

LG Display

Another problem is that LG Display and Samsung Electronics have been going back and forth on a possible deal where Samsung would buy up to 2 million OLED panels from LG Display so that they can start their own OLED TV line in direct competition with LG Electronics and other brands that market OLED TVs.

LG Electronics is probably not happy with this possibility (speculation on my part), but LG Display really needs to sell more OLED panels to somebody to decrease their surplus issue. However, negotiations between LG Display and Samsung Electronics have stalled

Tip: LG Display also makes LCD and LCD-Nanocell panels primarily for its sister company, LG Electronics but it is only 9% of their business and is on course to decrease its LCD TV panel production in light of competition from China-based panel makers.

Despite the sudden financial and demand downturn, LG Display is confident that it can weather the storm, but looming worldwide recession fears aren’t helping. 

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It’s a Great Time to Buy a TV

Meanwhile, despite signs that 2023 might not be a good year for TV makers, it is actually a great time to buy an OLED or other TV right now as prices are lower than ever. 

2022 Sony Bravia XR-77A80K OLED 4K 77-inch TV Angle
2022 Sony Bravia XR-77A80K OLED 4K 77-inch TV ($2,698 at Amazon)

One example: Amazon is offering the 77-inch Sony Bravia XR 77A80K 4K OLED TV for $2,698 ($500 off). In addition, if you pay with an Amazon Store Card, you can get $135 back which further reduces the price. Read our companion report for more details on this deal

Another example is that Samsung is offering up big discounts on its QD-OLED TVs, which is partly designed to put a dent into LG’s OLED TV dominance. This price strategy is highly unusual for new TV tech. 

QN55S95B (55-inch – Regular Price: $2,799.99)

QN65S95B (65-inch – Regular Price: $3,999.99) 

Samsung QD-OLED TV

Still Another example of big TV price cuts is this LG B2 4K UHD OLED TV. The 77-inch model is being offered for sale at an unheard price of about $2,000! In fact, the 55-inch version is selling for less than $1,000! If you have ever thought about getting an OLED TV and thought the price was too high, these offers might just be the ticket as some LCD-based TVs in these screen sizes sell for more.

Read our companion article for more details on this deal.


If you cruise through your local retailer or online shopping sites such as Amazon, Best Buy, and Crutchfield, there are a number of deals – yes, they are partly tied to the Holiday Shopping Season, but you might find that they are better than usual. 

This is a continuing story – it will be interesting to se how world economic trends for the coming year will materialize in addition to what has been discussed in this article affects the health of the TV manufacturing industry. 

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ORT

    November 7, 2022 at 12:04 am

    I am an enthusiast for the “curved” televisions as it reminds me of going to a theater (theatre?!) that featured Todd AO. I have a Samsung 55″ curved TV and have enjoyed it for roughly 5 years. I think about getting a new TV but there is only one curved 65″ model and that is also by Samsung.

    It proved to be too much a gimmick for most folk or so it appears. If I weaken sometime down the road, it is likely that I will have to go to “regular” screen and I think that will be fine. But so long as this one is working, I see no reason to spend the moolah right now.

    I would rather give one to my older brother but he likes his 10+ year old Plasma HDTV just fine. He also gets a bit upset with all the “smart” features and worries about being spied upon. Pfffft!

    It is like I told our mom when she was in her mid 70s and axed me about her neighbor and the antenna sticking out above their roof line. It had a couple of junction boxes for wire pulling and she was worried that they had “cameras in them”.

    Suffice to say, I told mom that no one was truly intredasted in seeing her nekkid and that her neighbor was in fact, a Ham Radio enthusiast and that was what the antenna was all about.

    Lots of features on these newest TVs. The picture on a 4K is more than adequate. I see no need for 8K especially since content is not readily available and I have no desire to count the pores on some actor/actress’s skin.

    If you really need a new TV, I agree with the author: Get one now. It is not as if they will not be available any longer but given the Idiocracy of those with D.C. Dotage, who really knows what and who they’ll do and screw next.

    You can avoid “buyer’s remorse” simply by not buying something you cannot truly afford. Also, buy what you are going to use. Daily. All the time.

    I tend to look at it this way, I could drop dead at any moment. I can’t take it with me but I can leave some cool stuff for my family to argue over. 🙂

    By the way, the WTF series is fun reading. Thanks!


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