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2022 Sony Bravia XR TV Pricing [Updated]

2022 Sony Bravia 4K and 8K TVs will start shipping soon in multiple varieties that include LED, MiniLED and their new flagship QD-OLED models.

2022 Sony Bravia XR TVs
2022 Sony Bravia XR TVs

For the past several years, Sony has emphasized the high-end when it comes to its television lineup and the brand new 2022 Sony Bravia XR TVs are on their way. For 2022, Sony is releasing its first-ever QD-OLED TV, fine-tuning its OLED TVs while adding smaller screen sizes, and incorporating Mini-LED backlighting to select premium LCD-based TVs. 

Note: All 2022 Sony TVs have a “K” at the end of their model name. 2021 models are labeled “J” and 2020 models are labeled “H” accordingly.

To squeeze as much performance out of their TVs as possible, Sony has developed its proprietary XR Cognitive Processor. This solution allows Sony Bravia XR TVs to analyze and tweak multiple elements of picture and sound in real-time making the necessary adjustments, right down to the focal point of human perception.

How Sony Cognitive Processor XR Works

Another thing about the XR Cognitive Processor is that it works in conjunction with QD-OLED, OLED, and LCD-based panel hardware to go beyond panel limitations to optimize the TV viewing experience.

In order from top-of-the-line on down, let’s explore the 2022 Sony TVs.


A95K Master Series 4K UHD TV (55 and 65 inches)

Attention! The Sony A95K series QD-OLED TV was crowned “The King of 4K TV” at the 2022 Value Electronics TV Shootout. Check out all the details in our Special Report.

Sony BRAVIA XR MASTER Series A95K QD-OLED TV in back stand position close to a wall

The Sony A95K is a new type of TV (QD-OLED or QD Display) that isn’t pure OLED TV but something different. It uses a combination of OLED and Quantum Dots to display images on the TV screen. 

The way it works is that layer of OLEDs is placed on the back of the TV. This OLED layer emits blue light (similar to a backlight). The blue light strikes a layer of quantum dots which produce green and red light, while a portion of the blue OLED light passes directly through to the screen. The blue OLED and green/red light Quantum Dot light combination produce the displayed screen images. 

QD-OLED Comparison

This eliminates the need for an LCD screen panel and extra color filters without being a true OLED TV. Also, a QD-OLED TV can display absolute black just as an OLED TV can, while also displaying a wide color gamut via the use of Quantum Dots. Sony claims that the QD-OLED panel boosts color brightness by up to 200% compared to non-QD-OLED TVs. 

Read our companion article and the official product page for more details on the QD-OLED technology and other features of the A95K.

Price & Availability

XR-55A95K (55-inch) – $2,999.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

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XR-65A95K (65-inch) $3,999.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

Although the introduction of the A95K is the big news, Sony is also offering a new line of OLED and LED/LCD TVs for 2022 that are of interest. 


In the OLED TV category Sony is offering up two model ranges, the A80K and A90K Master Series:

A90K Master Series 4K UHD (42 and 48-inches)

Sony A90K OLED 4K TV
Sony A90K OLED 4K TV

A80K 4K UHD (77, 65, and 55 inches)

Sony A80K OLED 4K TV
Sony A80K OLED 4K TV

Other than the QD-OLED panel used in the A95K along with its supporting benefits, most of the features included in the A95K are included in the A90K and A80K Series OLED. 

The A90K series is targeted toward gamers with its smaller screen sizes but is also a great solution for those that want a high-performance OLED TV but don’t have space for a larger screen. 

The main difference between the A90K and A80K series, in addition to screen size, include:

A90K: One slate design with seamless edge bezel in a single glass pane. Also, a flexible two-way stand is included that a standard position to eliminate distractions, and a sound bar position to elevate the TV and integrate a soundbar system. The adjustable stand also allows users to place the TV and soundbar on a desktop so it can be used as a gaming monitor.

Price & Availability

XR-42A90K (42-inch) – $1,399.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

XR-48A90K (48-inch) – $1,499.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

A80K: The same one slate design and seamless edge bezel as the A90K, but includes a three-way stand that allows a narrow position for a smaller footprint, a standard position to eliminate distractions, and a soundbar position to elevate the TV and integrate a soundbar system.

Price and Availability

XR-55A80K (55-inch) – $1,999.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

XR-65A80K (65-inch) – $2,499.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

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  • $2,999.99 at

XR-77A80K (77-inch) – $3,799.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

For a more individual look at each series, check out the official A90K and A80K product pages. 


Z9K Master Series 8K MiniLED TV Series (85 and 75-inches)

Sony Z9K Mini-LED 8K TV
Sony Z9K Mini-LED 8K TV

This is the first year that Sony is including a Mini-LED backlight system on select LCD-based TVs, such as its 8K Z9 Series. TVs that use Mini-LED backlight are still LCD TVs, but the LED light bulbs are much smaller than traditional LED bulbs, providing more control of the light passing through the pixels.

However, Sony has taken it up a notch with its Mini-LED backlight system by using its XR Backlight Master Drive to provide more precise control of the individual LED bulbs. 

Another included performance feature is X-Wide Angle™ technology. LCD-based TVs typically have narrow viewing angles, which means that viewers will see color and contrast fading when sitting on the axis from the center seating position. Although X-Wide Angle doesn’t eliminate this problem entirely, it does widen the angle where color and contrast facing becomes visible. 

Speaking of color and contrast, the Z9K also includes Sony XR Triluminos Pro for a more accurate color display and XR Contrast for a more accurate grayscale display.

Price & Availability

XR-75Z9K (75-inch) – $6,999.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

XR-85Z9K (85-inch) $9,999.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

For a more extensive look at the 8K Z9K refer to its official product page.  

X95K 4K MiniLED TV (85, 75, and 65-inches)

Sony X95K Mini-LED 4K TV
Sony X95K Mini-LED 4K TV

With the X95 series, Sony also brings Mini-LED to select 4K UHD TVs. The same Backlight Master Drive technology used in the Z9K has been adapted to the Z95K series. 

The rest of the features of the X95K series are the same as the Z9K. For more details, refer to the official X95K product page

Price and Availability

XR-65X95K (65-inch) – $2,799.99 at Amazon | Crutchfield | Best Buy | Sony

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XR-75X95K (75-inch) – $3,799.99 at Amazon | Crutchfield | Best Buy | Sony

XR-85X95K (85-inch) – $5,499.99 at Amazon | Crutchfield | Best Buy | Sony

X90K 4K LED/LCD TV (85, 75, 65, and 55-inches)

Sony X90K Full Array 4K TV
Sony X90K Full Array 4K TV

The Sony X90K is still a part of the Bravia XR family but is designed to be more affordable. 

The X90K is a 4K UHD LED/LCD TV that employs more traditional Full-Array LED backlighting. Full-Array backlighting isn’t as precise as the Mini-LED/Backlight Master Drive system used on the 8K Z9K or 4K X95K series TVs, but most TV viewers will still see very good results as XR Triluminos Pro and XR Contrast Booster are also used. 

The rest of the features are the same as used in the X95K and Z9K.

For a closer look, refer to the official X90K product page.

Price & Availability

XR-55X90K (55-inch) – $1,399.99 at Crutchfield | Amazon | Sony

XR-65X90K (65-inch) – $1,599.99 at Crutchfield | Amazon | Sony

XR-75X90K (75-inch) – $2,199.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

XR-85X90K (85-inch) – $3,299.99 at Crutchfield | Sony

Other Features Included on Sony Bravia XR TVs

Although there are some feature differences between each TV series, some common features include:

HDR: Support for Dolby Vision/HDR, Imax Enhanced, and Netflix Calibrated viewing modes. 

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Gaming: 4K/120Hz, VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), and ALLM (Audio Low Latency Mode).

Acoustic Surface Audio+™ (QD-OLED or OLED)/Acoustic Multi-Audio™ (Mini-LED or LED/LCD): This provides a more immersive TV audio listening experience by either utilizing the screen as the speaker (QD-OLED/OLED TVs) or optimally placing speakers in the TV cabinet (Mini-LED or LED/LCD TVs) to best direct sound to the listener that matches the action on the screen. 

Acoustic Center Sync: Optimizes sound output from the TV and soundbar (when used together) for a better audio experience.

Bravia Core: This is a streaming service offered only to owners of select Sony Bravia XR TVs. Content is selected from the extensive Sony Pictures film library and is accessible via credits given to each TV owner. The number of credits varies by Bravia XR TV model. 

Sony BRAVIA Cam (model CMU-BC1)
BRAVIA Cam (model CMU-BC1)

Bravia Cam (Included or Optional) and Ambient Optimization: Bravia Cam recognizes where you’re sitting and optimizes the picture and sound accordingly. Gesture control is also supported, along with video chat, and other capabilities. The Bravia Cam can be turned off when not in use or disconnected from the TV to accommodate privacy concerns. 

Google TV: This combines elements of Android TV with several thousand streaming services and Chromecast built-in, so you can cast content directly from compatible smartphones instead of having to use a plug-in chromecast media streamer. 

Google Assistant: Use voice search to find content, manage apps, control TV settings, answer questions, and control other google-assistant compatible smart home devices. 

Sony A95K TV Remote Control
2022 Sony TV Remote Control

Premium Remote: Sony’s new remote control design has a durable aluminum body and uses a simplified button and backlight for easy use in a darkened room.

Suggested retail price and retail availability for Sony Bravia XR TVs will be announced in Spring 2022.

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