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MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A Loudspeakers Lifestyle MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A Loudspeakers Lifestyle

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We take a look at the history of the electrostatic loudspeaker and some of the designs that made it prized by audiophiles.

Goldring E1 Phono Cartridge Goldring E1 Phono Cartridge

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Are you a recent convert to vinyl playback? Are you records not sounding as great as you would have hoped? Your phono cartridge installation...

RME Fireface UCX II Lifestyle RME Fireface UCX II Lifestyle

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Does it make sense to use an audio interface to input audio into your computer? For some users -- it's still a useful tool.

Audio Wave Audio Wave

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What makes music, TV shows, or movies sound good or bad? A lot of it has to do with dynamic range.

Klipsch Dolby Atmos Home Theater Hero Klipsch Dolby Atmos Home Theater Hero

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Surround sound has been a part of the home theater experience for over 20 years, but how much do you know about it?

Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar Klipsch Cinema 600 Soundbar

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Soundbars have become the second most popular loudspeaker category behind wireless loudspeakers. Are they all the same?


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A DAC converts digital-to-analog A DAC converts digital-to-analog

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Your smartphone, TV, and music player all utilize a DAC and ADC to convert a digital signal into an analog one. We explain how...

Hisense ULED TV Hisense ULED TV

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Hisense is the only company using the ULED TV label on select TVs. Find out what that really means. 

Lens Shift Knob Lens Shift Knob

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If your projector is too low or high in relation to the screen, lens shift is a tool that can help. 

Samsung QN60B QLED 4K TV Samsung QN60B QLED 4K TV

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WTF is a QLED TV? In case consumers were not confused enough already, 5 of the largest manufacturers have another technology to sell you.

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