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How to add 3rd sat ?lizzie12
Viewsat owners readPlymouth21
Just fort he hahas'sEsvaldo Chevez22
Indian channle not working with new fixdevin4
Can someone post the b-75 fileNalin Nyda9
Missing Adult Channelsjoe bob1
Autoroling chanelsolopot3
Good peoples ! please help me.devin4
Fortec help!!shine man6
Viewsat Platinum Problem...... HELP!!Haris7
Totalfta site is downNalin Nyda7
I can't download my Extr viewsat files HelpPlymouth15
Is there any ecm in progress...NW5
Channel freezing on internationalNW6
Sv 4k freezes with 257 ...some one else having same issue ?devin4
A Few Questionsgreg raf3
Pansat fixesDru7
Viewsat extreme sonicview 4000King Tapeman2
Best box for HD+supportjustforhaha's8
Missing Channel 6150 - ZGUJU - 61.5 birdNalin Nyda7
Better LNBNalin Nyda31 is awesome for new releasesCUBICHE3
Question for NFusion NOVA owners?sada2
Channel definition fileJoe Fernandez3
NFL Locals Week #4justforhaha's3
New Fix for Viewsat , SonicView, CaptiveWork Nalin Nyda2
Indo-Pakistani Channels-DNNalin Nyda8
New Atmega Fix Nalin Nyda2
Renewed Support for Koolsat 4/5/6 Models in OctoberNalin Nyda3
Captiveworks and Skyview Files Out Already BUTNalin Nyda9
Pansat 3500SD QuestionTooter14
How to get 2 satellite on 1 dish (119 & 110)??urmama5
Problem with sv!Plymouth23
SilverSurfer V1.58c - Sept 25, 2008Knee Gro3
Vs fix outDonald Trump3
DN C**lsat 6100 Dwn Fri 12:30 AM 09/26your real mama2
Dishnet ECM....Monday Sept 22j ross20
CS 7000j ross4
Renewed Support for C0olsat 4/5/6 Models in Octoberj ross5
D#N was down for 30 minutesj ross2
NEW ECM?j ross25
360 dual tunerPlymouth5
fresh dishnetwork keys?monte2
dishnetwork?Kishan Patel3
DN Down?Nalin Nyda6
Satopia Bug Fix Sept 25th/2008Yosanth1
DN down in Viewsat Too!!!!!!! Waiting for new binlakh2
2 receivers 1 line Fresh Puffs13
Dn down cw 600alton vann penny1
Have scramble channel on 290 bin file?terry young15
No Indian Channels at all????Plymouth5
Nagra 3 answersKing Tapeman81
Meg4 infoNalin Nyda3
Intl channels(SuN Tv&KtV )not working,please help.........Plymouth26
Captive worksLEBANON1
Missing channel Plymouth4
Fortec Classic NA - is it any use now?greg raf9
EKB infoNalin Nyda4
Problem with TP on 118.7 Anik F3 Nalin Nyda14
Iphone HELP AnyoneNalin Nyda2
290 b75? Nalin??White Hawk5
ANY WORD ON GC?Plymouth4
Captiveworks 600 premium minimal channels foundPlymouth4
Viewsat problem with 110W - pls helpNalin Nyda19
Receiverray sandberg5
Conversion b75 and PUFF BINs 290psychmonster16
Fixes are available at crazyfta&dssworldzulu17
K1herosGirish Patel9
Silversufer New File Out released at crazyftaPlymouth9
Pansat 2700a Help PleaseNalin Nyda6
CNN,CNBC channel problemWhite Hawk3
Files are being released at crazy&dssworldFreedom of the Press4
Vs plat help.................Plymouth6
All Indian Channels but no english channel like CNN, CNBC, Cartons ...ekoneuno15
Warning to Viewsat Owners!!!Plymouth29
What is the newest BIN for colsat 4000 or 5000Nalin Nyda7
Captiveworks files greg2
Pansat 2500a STOPPED WORKING???Nalin Nyda7
SkyView RX600lame beaver1
Need Receiver for Amazonas ASAP. What brand?Geee Wizz5
Any news on Clone pansat 2700?*Killer Ace*6
B4U & Zee tv desi channels not being scaned on 61.5Nalin Nyda3
Why NalinNalin Nyda5
Question for NALIN NYDANalin Nyda5
Pansat puff 290Nalin Nyda2
New Pansat Files Out at PirateGods.comNalin Nyda7
Anybody In/Near Paraguay?Geee Wizz5
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