How to add 3rd sat ?


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I have 2 sats on my roof - 61.5 and 110/119 (dish500).

They are hooked up via DP-34 switch.

Since some of my fave channels have moved to 118 from 61.5, I was wondering what all is involved in order to ADD a 3rd sat to my existing setup?

I want to keep my 2 sats and simply add the 118.

Can I just call a dish re-seller to install this for me? Or, is this risky?

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yeah that would be kinda risky it want be hard for you to add another your self get a single lbn dish then just get your current position and piont your 3 dish toward your other sat conntion is simple on the dp34 just add 3rd sat to third sat port on switch then just set the port up in the sat box its self for reception scan your channels and your all set

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You should upgrade your Dish 500 to Dish 500+. You will need a larger Dis (30") from DN.
"Plus Dish 500+/1000+
Same as the Dish 1000 in function but about 5" larger and can pick up the 118.75i½ FSS location. As a 500+ it picks up 110i½, 118.75i½ and 119i½. Adding an LNB for 129i½ makes it a 1000+."

DP 500+.doc (47.1 k)

Also check out DN's Repointing Kit.

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I have 2 FTA receivers in my I need all 3 sats to goto 2 ftas.

So the simple (cheap) way to add the dish would be:


buy a 3rd sat
buy a DUAL LNB? Or will single do?

DP-34 (already have..using 2 ports rite now... one for 61.5 and other for 119/110)

So, I just install the new dish + LNB, point it to 118, then connect it to my DP-34 ...that's it?

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The new Dish you buy must be at least 30" wide and have a special LNB for 118. The generic ones such as CB2008A are NOT compatible with DP34.
The DN supplied one is more expensive, but will do. You will have to stay with 110/119 combo for pone port, 61.5 for second port and 118.7 for the third port.
Do read the rest of this thread and a couple of other threads here.

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Nalin - thx...sorry for double post.

OK, So I will buy a new dish that's atleast 30-33" and also buy a 118 compatible LNB.

Then, I will hook them up via DP-34.


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I found this item on e-bay... Can I buy this item and I'm good to go? emZ310086414705QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item310086414705&_trkparms=72%3A1156|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

I see the LNB does 119+118. I already have DISH500 that does 119+110. Will this be OK or cause conflict with my existing setup ?

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118.7/119 special LNBs:

Dish LNBs + DP34 = YES

Dish LNBs + DisEqC Switches = YES and NO, Some problems

Third Party LNB (CB2008A) + DP34 = NO

Third Party LNB (CB2008A) + DisEqC switches = YES

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pix: Your long URL at ebay say "Listing removed"

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dont know if this is where to ask this question but does anyone know what happend to echo 7 lost signal but dish is still strong when testing but no channels come in says no signal


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First thing to do is to do a hard reset - Switch off the receiver with the switch at back, wait for 40 seconds and then switch on again.

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did that had another one and tried it and it works okay would u know what is wrong with the other one
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