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this is a copy/paste from future. here is the thread.


Member Bart, found this from another site, apparently credible:

It seems that Echostar is playing hardball with Viewsat now and going after end users. If you have a defective Viewsat, DO NOT send it back to Viewsat. They may be trying to get personal information. We will post more updates as we get them.

Looks like is bad news for Viewsat according to judge order ????

Read the docs and post comments.

On September 17, 2008, the Court convened a Settlement Conference in the above entitled action. Appearing were Mark Hamer, Esq., Chad Hagan, Esq., JJ Gee and Rob Frankel, client representatives on behalf of plaintiffs; David R. Clark, Esq., Manny Delacerra, Esq., Jung Kwak and Rob Rhine, client representatives on behalf of defendants.

The Court and counsel followed up on the settlement process discussed at the Early Neutral Evaluation Conference. There was also discussion about the preservation of evidence allegedly supporting the plaintiff's claims and defendant's defenses. While counsel work on a formal permanent
preservation plan, the Court imposes the following interim plan:

1. Starting September 22, 2008, defendant will preserve the chip from all of the units returned to defendant for repair or warranty work which are accompanied by a check in the approximate amount of $50.00. Defendant will assign a tracking number to each of these chips and record the unit's serial number and the date of receipt for later transmission to plaintiffs. Defendant will also record the information associated with the person(s) or other entity that has returned the unit for the subject work.

The production of that information will be dealt with by the Court at some future date;

2. By October 6, 2008, defendants will provide a report to plaintiff's counsel regarding the
chips collected and plaintiff may proceed to purchase any or all of those at $23.00 per
unit for forensic testing; and

3. The Court and counsel will review of the progress of this interim plan, and counsel's
efforts to come up with a permanent preservation plan, at a telephonic Case Management
Conference set for October 24, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. Plaintiff's counsel will initiate the

In the interim, counsel have leave to take a Rule 30(b)6 deposition of defendant's representative
with regard to repair and warranty return protocols. No later than Monday, September 22, 2008,
plaintiff's counsel will provide defendants with the Rule30(b)6 deposition notice describing the
specific areas of inquiry involved. As this deposition is limited in scope and relates to the issue of
preservation of evidence, it is excluded from the limit of ten depositions aside under the Federal Rules.
Counsel are also required to conduct their Rule 26(f) conference and submit their joint discovery
plan by October 24, 2008. At the next conference, the Court will confirm a date for initial disclosures,
and set further dates and deadlines as appropriate.

Our Site Sponsor, Pansat Direct will either repair the defective ViewSat receiver, or offer a trade-in allowance on another receiver type.

Contact them for specific information:

Repairs will be $50 dollars on Legit Non-Clone Viewsats
They will give you a $30 dollar trade in towards any Sonicview STB For Any Defective or Out Dated Viewsat Unit.


just looking out for you guys

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This is an unconfirmed "Judge's Order" originating from the desk of your old friend at ftaview.
Three days ago when I questioned it only three URLs were given to me, One was a copy of FTAVIEW, another was FTAVIEW, and the satscams url showed a very convincing statement that the trial is going ahead as there is no agreement.

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like i siad.....

just looking out for everyone

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this post has been around for a long time

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This is confirmed, NOT a rumor..The official court document was provided here as well as the court doc posted at 3 DIFFERENT sites the other day...then I posted it from 2 more sites, the Viewsat and SV sites and their we have a 6th site confirming this here..and its posted at more sites as well..also having dealers such as pansat direct now confirming this now..

Also I suggested to all Viewsat NOT mail back your broken receiver to the company...instead mail it back to the dealer you purchased it from, who mails them back to Viewtech/Viewsat in bulk, so your name and personal info is NOT provided to Viewsat or Echostar..

Nalin, how many times MUST you be hit in the face with a hammer before you realize that its really a hammer!...

Your refusal to accept the truth and attempts to influence newbies to ignore this VERY dangerous situation just reaffirms what we all have known since you came here..YOU WORK FOR DISHNET! previous posts regarding this have been deleted by this site..which makes one wonder "WHY"...and by WHOM.

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Thank You HaHa for correcting Nalin Again.
Be careful though, he will report you for posting something he thinks is inappropriate.Upload

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This is a rumor
This is only for stop Viewsat the best seller.
So rarely a Viewsat blow.
Best seller in Canada.

Stop your bashing on viewsat and give a true proof as news paper or court link, not a rumor on sites who dont sell Viewsat.

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There has not ben official court document provided to our readers here.

We all know that at one point you were heavily involved with ftaview and this is just a scam to scare people to pay up $35 at a place other than Viewsat's official repair centre.

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nalin and are doing a GREAT harm to FTA Viewsat owners by posting bogus info here regarding the OFFICIAL court documents which order Viewtech/Viewsat to turn over Viewsat owners's private personal info to Dishnetwork, which may be used against them..This Court Order does exist and has been posted here many times , but somehow you 2 jerks get it deleted..

You 2 are a VERY dangerous threat to the members here..leading the sheep to slaughter

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HaHa, please let nalin and plymouth post falsehoods. This is what I have nalin hired for. Keep up the good work nalin, remember all the info we fed you to kill all the pansats? You are doing a great job.

Can I expect your report in the next couple of days, we are waiting on your information.

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Here good falsehoods from jjgee the friend of LK aka Hahaha aka Lieutenant Kendall aka........

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These two monkies are are destroying this forum. I did have their picture
posted here but the rat had to eat
some cheese and had the man deleted.

Makes no difference, people here know who they are and what they are.

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jjgee is a spy.
Lawson, Annette (ftagal)
2640 Highland Park Rd. #49
Deland, FL 32720
United States
Phone Number: 386-785-9338

Rack Lawson and jjgee same
Billing Information
Rick Lawson
2640 Highland Park Rd
Deland, FL 32720 US
Daytime Phone: 3867362601

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White Swirl

You and your goonies destroy this forum

You are a idiot if you take for this A-s/s h/o-l-e

We are helper and you and goonies are basher.

Take all your s-h-i/t/e/r/ and disappear

Look here all basher who say Sonicview is the best, anyone come help this guy with his Soniview receiver

Take your pills basher

The members here are not idiot and know who help and who bash

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this is copy/paste from the same post at future

Anyone wishing to verify for themselves can go to the Southern District of California Federal Courts website


You need a Pacer membership or know someone who does (ie. Lawyer, Court Worker). Don't ask, because I won't tell how I got access .

You need the case number, which is - 07cv1273 W (AJB)


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I think the world is coming to an end. It is written in the Church document. I won't show it to you. You have to be a special believer of the end of world and get a membership of this Church, to be shown the document.

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nalin and plymouth...your responses here just prove what many here have always thought...YOU ARE A MOLE FOR DISHNET!..There can be NO other intelligent reason for your ignorant contradictory replies.

Hypathetically, Even if this were NOT to be true and only a rumor, its always better to be safe than why would you 2 jerks encourage disregard these warnings..again ONE REASON, YOU ARE DISHNET MOLES!

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Hahaha aka LK
You are a good joker

You and your friend jjgee work for Nagravision.

I work for Disnet in Canada, you dont have better to put on table idiot.
Take your pills, you need it.
The only who act like a Dishnet guy, it's you and your goonies.

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Two peas in the same pot. On the web or in real life I have never met anybody as stupid or sick as these two asswholes that spend night and day on their computer and still don't know sh!t.

Btw Plymouth next month I will be in Quebec to hunt Black Bear. Maybe we can meet and have a

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Give me your phone number and we will take a good Molson EX beer

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