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my quesiton is that you know that there way more clone receivers then the original pansat 2500 ones. i googled alot and couldnt find a decent converter that can convert the BL pansat file to a puff file, there is one out out from tronics and it doesnt work properly, if it worked for you can you give detailed steps, help wll be a lot appriciated....
some one else.....

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search dsstester and download the tronic mod 1.5 GUI. You have to download .net but it works fine. I used it last night.

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i am not able to get b4u and zee tvcan u give me the tp too plzz help me nalin nyda

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There are three types of 2700 receivers and four types of files for these.

Genuine Pansat 2700

Clone Pansat 2700 manufactured as a 2700 clone
Do NOT use on conversions. OK to use on genuine 2700.

2500/FLU Conversions: b75 Use any of the ones below
They are currently made by Black Tyger. Similar made by Haddad as well
Version 290 not available yet.
Haddad B75 Bin v290.bin
These BINs have the word b75 in the file name.
However DO NOT USE the BL_290 or the 290-TiVo

2500/FLU Conversions: PUFF. Use any of the ones below
Fwank7_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_290.bin or Fwank7_ PUFF_290.bin
Fwank7_Jvvh-Team-PUFF_290_(Sw-21).bin or Fwank7_ PUFF_290_(Sw-21).bin
These BINs have the word PUFF in the file name

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some one else: If you are looking for a PUFF compressed file for genuine or clone 2700 - there is none.

Instaed of Chancy, Fwank7 is making the clone-safe TIVO files for Pansat 2700 clones built as 2700 clones.
These are different from 2500s and FLU and clone 2500s converted to work like 2700. These latter use conversion b75 and PUFF BINs.
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