Indo-Pakistani Channels-DN


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Download this list of Indo-Pakistani channels on:

118.7W (Anik 3).....61.5W (Echo 3)......148W (Echo1,2).....121W (Echo 9)

DN_Indian-1.doc (99.3 k)

DN_Indian-2.doc (96.3 k)

DN_Indian-3.doc (96.3 k)

I had to divide the file into three parts because
of the file size restrictions of Ecoustics.

Please do point out any mistakes in these.

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nalin nice guide, just may be add heading part to part 2 and 3 aswell.
zee punjabi is the only channel that is not available on 118.7, don't know why?

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I don't know - unless it is the same as MH1

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Sada: You mean Alpha Punjabi? If so I get it on 118

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vittu: Kindly post the channel number and TP number on 118, so I can update my file

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nalin i have dish 1000 with dp lnb i am getting the 110,118, 119, 129 on dish network receiver but when i put my FLU converted to 2700 pansat i don't get any indian pakistani channels what could be the reason. i don't have Anik F3 in FLU Oonly Anik F1

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DP LNBs for 118/119 have two outlets - one for 118 and one for 119. How are they connected to your DP receiver? You have to look at the settings in the DN receiver and try an emulate it on the Fortec. You may find that setting up a separate slate under an unused area of your antenna settings, ad making it identical to the one on DN receiver might work. Certainly there is no harm in trying a separate slate with LNB freq of 10750 (or 9750) and first TP 11715.
Please post your experience here.

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Anybody has any ideas about ZGUJ on Echo 3?
As far as I know it is definitely gone from Echo 3.
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