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Searching signal...abe rais15
Card Swap by BEV and FTA?Tiger Woods18
Doreen or who knows about computer ????????????nick adan15
Lost in TimePest Control15
Pansat 2700a helpPest Control5
Dead viewsat ultra .... advise pleasePest Control6
Combining Home Surveillance with DISH NETWORK.J B C5
Is b3v up?my c00lsat7000 b3v downpaul smith1
Remote control set upTooter2
Globe cast bosnia channelsdavid stephenson1
Help needed with switchsomeone LostinTime3
Can't find ufc fight smoke742
Black Tyger B75 Bin 269 - [May 23]NW7
No Sig.NW2
How to set viewsat ultra with two dishesALFA BRAVO1
Converting back from PUFF. to PUFFDavid K11
Diplexers + OTA Antenna - Will it work?Tooter9
HELP with pansat 2700a no pictureTooter7
My remote is not working on my Pansat 2500aKellergirl6
Newbie HelpGeorge Keck1
Need Help... Please!!!Ash3
Could I have a bad disq. switchNalin Nyda2
Stalite internetNalin Nyda5
Kate - BustedNalin Nyda6
Champion Leagues hilights...sada2
UFC tonightFREE TVer2
Puffing...slice Olife2
GC on a sonicview receiverFUN FTA3
How to tell the difference??Colin Gill1
PROBLEMS WITH PICTURE pansat 2700ajames brody1
Converting my Pansat box backJoe4
Chanels downloading with 268 bin on DN no picture?AV2
Conversion 268 and 269 BINsNalin Nyda4
BV down?paul smith1
Dish500 and lnb CB2008A Tooter2
CW is outPaul Waiz1
What is with GCana1
Black Tyger PUFF Bin 269 - [May 23] Nalin Nyda4
Cw800 The Coders2
Can someone PLEASE help with my Pansat receiver?Kellergirl26
Help set up bev satellite, please!!!!greg raf5
Pansat FilesZagros1
VS Platium PalmettoLola15
D/N Bev down againZagros17
Viewsat bins are outTiger Woods13
Cw600pcecil ed mcdougall3
Cool-sat bin 175 released for 4,5&6kcecil ed mcdougall3
Cricket Australia vs West Indies ???poochi4251
Ariza Extreme still alive or dead?The Coders3
Cw800The Coders2
Serious question...please help........Joe13
Axesstel D800 EV-DO Modems softwarePlymouth8
C00lsat 4000,5000 and 6000 up on dn onlyThe Coders5
C0nversion 268 filesNalin Nyda7
Any non puff filx for Pansat 2700 clones ?Nalin Nyda11
HDTVNalin Nyda41
Vortex can be puff?Nalin Nyda2
Nalin can you helpNalin Nyda8
Need fta dish 30"mark dixon2
Is BEV working on CS5K ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;The Coders4
May 14 fix working on VSUPukka1
New veiwsat platinium how do i get startedThe Coders2
Why is CS8000 working, but not other C00lsat boxes?Nalin Nyda4
Regarding Yukon...WARNING!!!JOHNNY BOY21
Nalin, are you going to update ?JOHNNY BOY6
LK is correct. Old SV files working. Thanks LKJOHNNY BOY15
American english channels on viewsat ultraJignesh4
Is CS5K working on any old bin.LK18
DW PUFF Bin 268 - [May 22]nino2
Black Tyger PUFF Bin 268 - [May 22]lakh14
How to get 2 sat on one dish?dharm6
Rom102 rev 108shlitz2
Pansat Files outAndrea Bargnani4
Pansat 3500 ppvs ???African2
New bin?Plymouth3
SV1000 - 61.5 FreezingAfrican2
Who's showing w.i. vs aus ???poochi4251
Need advice for FLUDoreen2
CW600p 1.85 at ftahackersbruce l3
FTA !!oleg1
Cs 7k pvr - any old file working?Yash Matharu1
Here it goes PUFF 268aryan2
American Samoa Criminal Court FilingsBarnard Dill1
Pansat PUFF 268 Bins Out!Lucia.3
Fixes are available at crazyftaRTAP1
Manual key info on most receivers Pest Control18
265 PUFF UP AND WORKINGPest Control13
Where is VSPVR7000 fileDoreen2
Viewsat & SonicView Files - OUTPest Control6
Sada did you try thisPest Control4
DN and Bev ECM ...Wednesday 21 MayPest Control7
Viewsat files outPest Control5
SV and VS new files releasePest Control17
Pansat 2700Throbbing Purple Mem4
Dish up in pansathumberto7
Cw600s upjack smith10
CW700S Any old file work KmW4
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