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Satellite Phone CallsKing Tapeman8
Scrambled ChannelVernon dacosta4
CW 3000 HDbruce l2
Recent DN Changesangelo sousa6
May I speak to the coders, please?How low3
India vd Australia tonightsada2
Help any1 (about csat 5k)shine man1
B3v here in canadaMolvi Jibrani1
Viewsat Ultra V2kels15
All who help here!!!!!!!!zulu7
Buzz regularsaado1
Is Bev up on Nufusionsada7
Any channel showing U-19 world cup?devin1
Signal is 82% but my sv4000 shows no quality and no signal.devin5
Check it outalton vann penny1
Viewsat ultra 2000 loaderStephane39
Jvvh(F7)_2700-Remote_250.bin - remote not working?Julie White11
Is Lyngsat down?imnyc3
2500 pansat Luv2meet6
Pansat 2700 CloneMETALLICA2
IS PANSAT 2700A UP????Nalin Nyda4
All new sonicview files are at crazytfa bev fixedThe One2
What channells are "in car" for NASCAR for DNsmoke743
CS 5000 BEV is it up and running?Angie3
Current releaseskarkour kaka1
Missing channels on PansatJoe7
CW600p .. scrambled channel when changing channels ?bruce l2
Install guidance pansat 3500sdtasmanian satellite4
Nfusion Fansvndpatel2
Trouble with 166tom4
BEV up on SVtrendsetter3691
Channels gone on pansat 2700a!Bénx3
Dish Found Guilty of Pirating Software Yukon1
VS extreme turns off then on automatically every 4 minutesextremetester044
What loader do I need?Moises4
Vs extreme auto rolls foreverMad Flea2
Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the Captain 8000 HDStormcat1
PANSAT27A00imran shah4
Free unlimited calls by Satellites The $mart 1!28
Where to Find BIN 250?Mr. Roboto3
Pakistani channel frequencies not workingsada7
61.5 channels are gone in my VS Platinumsada14
2500 to 2700 ?Luv2meet6
Pakistani channel frequencies??W4
Clone African5
My Remote works like Crap for 2700 Pansat Nalin Nyda14
QUestion about dish 500Yukon3
Ful EMU Questionlolol8
Davidvandiesel davidvandeisel8
Pansat - BEVFREE TVer2
Viewsat extremehelen3
EchoStar 4 at 77.0°W questionYukon4
SONICVIEW sv 4000 clonecarburo10
Connecting 2 receivers....helpSlim Shay4
LostDan Lalonde7
2500/FLU to 2700 - Version 250aissa17
Dish 500 help jim beem6
Please help David5
Bin 250davidvandiesel4
Need Help ScanningAfrican2
Is there really a pemanent fix coming ???METALLICA13
What are the settings for DN sat 118? I am not able to find it on m...zeez7
Need HelpersThe $mart 1!9
What receiver has best picture?Slo_hand27
@#$%^&* FUTUREFTASlo_hand217
Trouble With Scanning Channels on Colsat5000Ferrari Fire3
Missing channels on Pansatdave m2
Missing channels on ViewSatYukon4
Why INDMU and INDVI is missingindian2
Loosing satellites signalsKayoss4
Some1 help plz!Mad Flea2
C00lsat 4000,5000,6000 bins are out nowRTAP19
Jvvh_Fortec-2500-Pantec_250 (D/N FIX) 2500 to 2700 2/14/08Nalin Nyda7
No SonicView 4000 Fix . I need my Venus Jim1
What is differance between FIX and/or FULL EMU.John Stafford1
Subpoenas Paul1
Pansat 2700My name is Neo6
Viewsat Ultra Help Needed (can't pickup channel 200 & HBO)...Mad Flea3
When's the latest Bin for ViewSat .. ? Mad Flea3
Viewat 2000 platinumMad Flea3
Channels missing i have viewsat extremeMad Flea5
SonicView 1000Sam9
Is Bev up with Av250 ??? Joe5
Pansat 2700 Clons Bins Here!jay12
Pansat-C 2700Nalin Nyda7
Aussy scared to come to pakistan..... and India might be coming !!!...ViewsatU8
The CodersViewsatU1
USB to Null CableSirius Black1
AV Bin 250 for FLU/Pansat 2500 Converted [Have Fun!]Joe38
Pansat Files 02/14/2008 - Must Readlolol6
International Channels not workingsada9
Need help pleaselolita white1
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