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Hi there, was hoping someone might be able to guide me to a Manual for this receiver, seems my girlfriends Soap Channel doesn't want to be scanned in the channel list and i can't seem to figure out why or how to do it manually, any help would be appreciated

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How To Put Channels In Manually With Out Scanning CW-3000HD


For Those Who want to put Channels IN Manually.. Step by Step


Step One; Pick a channel you want to put in at LyngSat: EXP: Flames-TV
You need Channel NO# 438 This is called the SID as Well
You need the VPID NO# 7458
You need the APID NO# 7459
You need the Freq 12311 and Tip 7 SR 20000 Fec 7/8

Step Two Go to the Admin punch in your pin, next go to antenna, Satellite, then
go where you put in the S91.0w OK then Click on setup Please....
Then go Down to the Scan section and click ok...

Step Three; When you are in the Scan Section DO NOT SCAN.. just go to the Channel
Part by Hitting the Yellow Button. You will come up with the Channel
list. Press the enter key and add the Channel NO# This Way. As you
look at the list, look at the channel numbers that are there,
Exp: Mine Start out at 30050 to 39932 ,, and the Channel 30438 is
not there. So I hit the Enter Key and added 30438. DONE Now get out
Of there. I have scanned for all my channels and that one will not come
up.. So exit from there and go to your user name, EXP Mine is DAD.
In the Edit section My Channel Start out at 30000,{ Channel Off-Set}
You can have this at any Numbers you like that works for you..

Step Four: Now here,s where the Fun Comes in play..IT IS SIMPLE OK ,, go back to
the Channel list under your user with the enter key. Make sure your channels
come on in a channel that works, EXP: Open channel please..350 or 198
Mine is 30350 or 30198.. Now hit the enter key one time, and find the
channel called: Mine 30438, and hi-lite it , and you will see the edit, new, DEl
and the Mark on the bottom come on.. Hit the EDIT PLEASE....

Step Five: Mine after putting in the Channel came up with NFL1 so after hitting the edit
Key I put the { mine is Blue ] over the name, and hit the right arrow key and
change the Name the Flames TV. WATCH WHAT you are doing. The red makes
BIG and little letters..and so on have fun with the Name to you get it the way
You like and then hit the insert, Green key two times and then the enter key,
Go out of the Edit box then bake in so you know it stayed..

Step Six: After that re-edit it go down to the Frequency and put in the right one.
EXP: 12311 and hit enter so it stays there..

Step Seven; Then go down and put in the other ones by hi-liting them and put them in
hit the enter key as you go so you will not make no mistakes.. don,t forget the
sid make it a 438 < only..

Step Eight Now I will make it clear and up front with you, they will change Freq, with out
notice, plus the V or the H maybe different so you will have to Play with it
until it comes on.. PLUS MOST OF ALL IT MAY NOT BE ON AT THAT TIME !!!
I HAVE tested this on channels that work, and it works super.. I hope this helps
All who wants to learn and experiment... PLEASE IF I MAKE A MISTAKE LET ME
hope this helps next time if you dont want to wait come to crazyfta dot com we have a live chat bins and how tos on most boxes hope to see you there have a good night
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