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Dyna Audio Audience 52DDude10
Monitor Audio s6 vs Def Tech 2002tl vs Axiom 60therealelitefan4
Question on Surround speakersTimn8ter9
In-Wall Speaker VibrationTimn8ter3
Theater research tr-2900 patrick hillan5
DefTech Mythos Speaker LineGregory Stern3
Velodyne CT 150Rick Barnes3
Speaker wiring?ello8
4" speakers for motorcycleluckydog1
Help with new surround setup to go with Nad T763St. Louis Blues1
Please Help!!! Polk Audio/Onkyo Systemtherealelitefan2
Sony APM-910AV speakersRob1
Axiom grand master or paradigm???Doc7
Hiding wires thru CAT 5?maxxy541
Center to match Kef 104.2'sJohn A.4
Advice on active (powered) speakersTimn8ter2
Will this match?stingray221
Center Channel ShowdownMatt Haug1
Ascend or NHT or paradigm ???shemae1
Paradigm In-Walls vs. B&WBezel4
Budget speaker recomendations for Pass Labs X2.5/X125 comboJeremy Capurro1
Will PC 5.1 systems work with DVD Players ?Roland1
Ascend, Axiom, Aperion, Rocket - help please!Dave Cartier5
Do you know how NHT SB3 sounded over ascend CBM-170?hammer1
Theater research tr-2900 reviewBrock Frederickson2
Blast from the past: Paradigm 11se-Mk3 -- your opinion?bigfish662
Marantz 7400&psb image 4t or paradigm mon 7Bigfish667
NHT SB3 or ascend CBM 170R.L1
Speaker choice (MA, JBL., Paradigm)Bezel16
Best HT speakers for $2k?therealelitefan2
Wharfedale Diamond 8.4 - comments?Goose15
Mission speaker system a good match for rx v1400???Anonymous5
PSB vs Polk vs Athena vs Infinity vs KEF for Nad AmpKiwi2
Center Channel ShowdownWkennedy10
Paradigm studio vs def techmauimusicman2
Please evaluate this systemBerny5
Which speakers should I buy??Rick Barnes18
YO! YO! YO! YO! Theatre Research E-tailer alert!Brock Frederickson4
Mordaunt short MS40 + Cambridge Azur 640A?STEK1
Why does the Cd Player make a differenceJohn A.28
Speakers for NAD C370?Anonymous1
Axiom Speakers: How do they stack up against Paradigm and PSB?JR MORITZ4
B&W DM602 S3 + Denon PMA2000 ..... too much?Eduardo Malvido1
Small and powerfulTimn8ter3
Polk Speakers RTi12Ed1
Monitor audio s2 or paradigm focus for rx v1400Stan Uomini14
Advice NeededStan Uomini2
Buying PSB? Read this!Stan Uomini23
B&W DM303 vs PBS Image vs HKT SB2 vs Enery ConnoisseurViper8
Focal JMlab Chorus 716 S. Any info?Stone4
Hawk...Dynaudio InputHawk10
Best bang for the buck Hawk6
NHT Package Salemazie6
NWWA DIY Audio Meet 2004Timn8ter1
Matching speakers to Denon AVR 3805 and DVD 5900?audiogirl2
NAD 753 paired with?Rick Barnes6
Paradigm Studio 40's with Denon 3805 ???G Young1
Speaker pairing with Marantz 5300??scott1
Concertino vs Dynaudio 52Rick Barnes2
HT Starter SystemAdamVerducci1
JPW repair neededJim McCaffrey1
Infinity or Klipsch?riches15
Athena Point 5 MK II vs. Onkyo HTS-760 Berny2
Paradigm Monitor V3 vs. Studio V3.Robert Anderson12
Wharfedale's new opus line?Robert Anderson2
Speaker upgrade question?lorenzo w. lopez3
Paradigm Studio 40 vs. Paradigm Monitor 5Chicobiker3
Beginner with only $1500Chicobiker3
Newbie here searching for adviceMalcolm3
Best Speakers for Marantz SR-7400Sjors!1
Infinity BetaBlues1
Speaker choiceKevinM1
Theater ResearchIAmCanadian4
Klipsch Quintet II vs. Paradigm Cinemasnismo1
A different Axiom vs Ascend vs Aperion question Berny2
Wall mounting vs. standsPeter M3
HELP!!!! my jbl speakers are popping. Why???David Bishop8
Car stereo + waterproof speakers.. wattage? wat?Berny4
Paradigm monitor 11sDave01236
In wall speakersCameron Cole1
Speakers to match with H/K AVR-230Anonymous2
HK matches with Paradigm?bernardo4
Speaker to go with vsx49 txiJohn Sullivan7
Newbie wanting a decent systemlorenzo w. lopez2
Beautiful speaker standsshimon ben david3
Dali Evidence 470 Comments?Adam10
Celstion AVPF 302'sSpeedbox3
They say my speakers are popping cause I'm not getting a constant 1...David Bishop9
Anthony Gallo micro nucleus vs. Orb audio speakersmbh1
Looking for Quad tech in NYMike1
Speaker constructionTimn8ter9
Honda Accord EX 1990Anonymous2
Compare Klipsch KLF-10's with RF-5's Sampson Mar1
Ascend Acoustics CBM-170's with Outlaw MonoblocksAnonymous1
Clicking SoundAnonymous1
KEF or Dynaudio for my NAD 773St. Louis Blues6
News from the Speaker UndergroundKEGGER7
Design Acoustic?D8 Floorstanding SpeakersStan Uomini1
PSB Image new lookSeamus1
$1500 budget for speakersChicobiker16
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