Marantz 7400&psb image 4t or paradigm mon 7


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Username: Chris

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which speakers would sound better with this amp

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While I like both brands very much I would not want either with Marantz. This would be just to laid back for me. I would suggest Monitor Audio, Dynaudio, Klipsch or any other more dynamic brand in your area.

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Would you change your answer if they were connected to the B posts? I'm not sure if there is any difference in what reaches them, but there is not all that splitting for 7.1 happening.
I'm thinking of adding some B's to my 7400 for stereo only. I liked the way the Boston acoustics sound and plan to also audition the B&W 602s based on some other suggestions. Do you have specific recommendations for the Klipsch model?

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The B&W's are a good idea. I auditioned the B&W DM-309 with the 7400. Must say it sounded excellent in pure stereo as well as full 5.1 set-up (the centre was the 300 series, but the surrounds were I think from the 600 series).

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I've got MA Silvers with my 7400 and love 'em.

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I like B&W a lot aspecially 603 S3. Must say i never heard that combo i'll have to give it a try. Wright now i'm using mission 702, the sound is good but i want speakers that are more dynamic.
thanks for all ideas guys.

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I don't know if you should discount either so quickly. Best system I have heard was PSB but lots of effort put into placement. Stratus fronts with 2-12" passive subs. As for Paradigm, listen to them. I just bought a SR7300 and run it with Titans and a PS1000 sub. Sounds great. Yes, it lacks some imaging and midrange but consider the price.
Also just listened to Paradigm Reference Studio 40 and they are amazing. Add a sub and I'm sure you'll love it. If you are wanting floor standing speakers then consider the studio 60 which is essentialy identical to the 40 but in the floor standing model. That said you could try the Paradigm Monitor 90P. Quite a large speaker but with good range, sensitivity and a 175W powered sub in each. I've been impressed but they are big for my space.
I'd be interested to know any opinions on the Studio 40's. Somewhat restricted to what is available and have been very impressed with Paradigm but don't want to be missing a gem.
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